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Results at last

I was told in February by my respiratory nurse that I would be having a CT scan it took until 3 weeks ago for me to get an appointment, but yesterday I had the results, the scan has hardly changed since my last one 2 years ago such a relief. :-) :-)

On the down side I did a walk test yesterday and results not good so now waiting for an appointment to have one at the hospital, with and without oxygen, hope it does not take as long to come through. I am assuming this is to see if I need ambulatory oxygen no one really said

On the funny side I took my oximeter to compare with the nurses and it was totally out, she asked how long I had had it and I said about 2 years, she said perhaps the batteries need changing, "Oh" said me "I didn't know it had batteries" doh. did I think it ran on fresh air? :-P

polly xx

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I'm glad you got a good result Polly. The story about the oximeter reminds me of when a respiratory nurse tried to take my SATS and her oximeter reading was jumping about all over the place. My oxygen saturation was 89, no 98, no 73, wait...87, no 92, oh now it's 59.... I did suggest her battery may be ready for changing but she said it was because someone nearby was using a mobile 'phone. Except.....there was nobody nearby. My few neighbours were all at work, except for a couple who were away on holiday that week. x


Aw Polly you made me smile. But I am glad that you had some good news for a change.

Bobby xxx


The way I feel at the moment, I wonder if I need oxygen, or is it me being tired. Your post was interesting reading -- love Annieseedxx


It's nice to have a laugh at life's happenings


Your daily tonic


Hi Polly, congrats about the scan results. that's good news. Good luck with the walk test, hope that goes ok too. LOL had to smile about the oximeter and batteries :)

All good wishes BC


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