Important Man...................Yes I said, IMPORTANT MAN

...................................................Important Man

The pope had just finished a tour of Torquay and was taking a limousine to Exeter airport. Having never driven a limo, he asked the chauffer if he could drive for a while. Well the chauffeur didn't have much of a choice so he climbs in the back of the limo and the Pope takes the wheel. The Pope proceeds up the A38 and on to the M5 and starts accelerating to see what the limo could do. He gets to about 90mph and suddenly sees the blue lights of The Devon and Cornwall Constabulary police car in his mirror. He pulls over and the policeman comes to the window. he policeman seeing who it is, says ''Just a moment, I need to call in'' The policeman calls in and asks for the Chief Inspector. He tells the chief that he's got a REALLY important person pulled over for speeding, and asks how he should handle it. ''It's not the Mayor of Torbay again ,is it?'' replies the chief. ''No Sir'', replied the officer ''This guy is more important'', ''Is it the Governor ?''replied the chief ''No even more important'' replies the officer, ''Is it The Prime Minister?'', ''No'' ''Is it HRH Prince Charles? '' ''No'' Well WHO is it ?'' screams the chief.

''I don't know Sir '' says the officer ''but he's got the Pope as his Chauffer.''



Don't get caught speeding on your way to BREATHE EASY

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  • Good one Richard. Glad to see you are bearing up ok.

    Best regards, Bobby

  • With all these choir girls around me ,I feel quite good Bobby

  • :)

  • When you're smiling!

  • Love it King. Specially as a resident of Torquay myself. :)

    bev x


  • Cheek to cheek annieseed

  • It was adapted especially for you Bev as a little 'pick me up'. Nice to see a smiling face.

  • :D :D good one, :)

    Anna xxx

  • Thanks Anna, see you at choir practice!

  • Well choir master, I suppose the joke was appropriate ..................................


  • I hope so

  • Another great one, sorry I won't be at choir practice first day at home and I'm staying in bed. xxxx

  • Sing us another one just like the other one, sing us another one do.

  • Another good one for me to pass on. Thanks King :) :)

  • Share and share!!

  • very good thanks xx

  • My thanks to you undine

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