Last night as I lay sleeping.............for ALL HealthUnlockders.....from KOTC

.....................................LAST NIGHT AS I LAY SLEEPING

Last night as I lay sleeping

I dreamed that I was sailing

To the Isle of Man on a frying pan

And back again by morning

Last night as I lay sleeping

I dreamed that I was flying

To the Isle of Wight on a big red kite

And back again by morning

Last night as I lay sleeping

I dreamed that I was floating

To the Isle of Skye on an apple pie

And back again by morning


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  • And what would I like to dream of going to .......well, King, an island anywhere at the moment. I have always favoured the islands around the UK. Peaceful, unspoilt and far away from th madding crowd!!

  • Dreamin'. I'm always dreamin'

  • mmmm! It sounds to me like you are avoiding my island! Prince Wills and Kate like it so it can't be so bad! Annie you are welcome to come and stay, it is quiet and peaceful and we are far far from any madding crowd! xxxxxx

  • A little peace and quiet would be right up my street, thanks for the invite, where is your island, huffer?

  • The Isle of Anglesey Annie! though I'm from the Emerald Isle originally xxxx :)

  • I knew you were a GEM huffer

  • What is peace and quiet annieseed?

  • Total peace and qiet in the middle of a wood, then you will be aware of a lot of sound - birds, rustle of leaves -

  • I used to do that as a kid in my Grandfathers wood annieseed

  • As a kid, I would be climbing the trees!! But woods are so peaceful.

  • Yep and me

  • Can I come to. PLEASE

  • Would be nice if others could add more verses, their own or from t'interweb?

    Last night I lay a-sleeping

    There came a dream so fair,

    I stood in old Jerusalem

    Beside the temple there.

    I heard the children singing,

    And ever as they sang,

    Methought the voice of angels

    From heav'n in answer rang.

    (by Frederick E. Weatherly (1848 - 1929)

  • Very melodic libby

  • Last night as l lay sleeping my dream was black and white

    And all I could see was a pint, GUINESS!!!! matt rabbi burns cass.

  • Typical, dream on mattcass

  • Last night I dreamed I flew to Jersey on a mars bar, as I flew I kept eating bits of the mars bar and eventually i fell into the sea.

    Lib xx

  • serves you right

  • Oh Gail ,poor libby

  • I see the sea the sea sees me, I awoke without my mars bar

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