Want to hear the latest update on friends?

Well the one who went out in car rang. She thought me and other friend would be dog walking for hours and the one with dentist just rang me and invited us both up to hers tonight. Maybe I'm better at choosing friends then I thought lol. So looks like this time alls well that ends well....

Bev x

Ps Haven't drunk the wine yet so guess I will take it up :)

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  • Love the tags - drunk, walking, wine :)

    Bev x

  • They made me chuckle too. xx

  • You'll be lucky to walk after drinking a bottle of wine ... oh, that just me then...soz :)

    Pleased to hear your friends were thinking of you after all :)

    Sandra x x x

  • Yep it doesn't usually turn out like that though...Didn't drink whole bottle of wine - only half but I can't hold drink well especially wine. Lol. Did save you a glass Sandra... :p

    Bev xx

  • :p

  • Brilliant news - best outcome ever - enjoy that wine :) xx

  • Did thank you scrobs hic hic :p

    Bev xx

  • Really happy for you Bev. Have a good night and remember me stuck here with this mob. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • mob = Minds Of Brilliance


  • wal - wine and lemonade :d

    Bev xx

  • Oh dear Bobby you can come next time if you feel brave enough to be the only man amongst 3 women! :d

    Bev xx

  • Me and three wimmin? Sounds perfect. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • You tart Bobby! Ha ha :d

    Bev xx

  • That's an improvement Bev. I was called an old tart last week. lol

    Bobby xxx

  • Have a good time Bliss

  • Did thanks Bliss. :)

    bev x

  • You should sleep well tonight after the wine night night xx

  • Hope you had a great night x x

  • Fingers crossed you have a good time Bev and enjoy the wine and friendships. Take care. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)

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