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Here we go again. How can chest infections be so different.

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For a few days I have noticed coloured phlegm, but felt fine. The only problem I have had is my voice has gone, and my sinuses have been awful recently.

Following great advice from a respiratory nurse at BLF, I have started my rescue ABs. Not my steroids though as I am not breathless.

I'm amazed how different exacerbations can be from each other. My last one was incredibly bad and lasted weeks. I am hoping this will not be anything like that. I suspect my sinuses have drained into my lungs at night and caused it.

I have an appointment with my GP for the day my ABs finish.

Lynne xx

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Oh Lynne I'm so sorry to hear that you have another chest infection, it is how I was a few weeks ago I took my ABs for a week with no steroids but it didn't work so in the end I had to take the steroids, wish you better lol xx

I was interested to read your reply. I have had constant chest infections for a long but recently have had a little break!! But constantly on sputum watch. When I do get a chest infection, they symptoms can vary. Generally my legs go like jelly, I could sleep through an earthquake. I watch my breathing - can start hyperventilating, being sick and coughing like mad, but they creep up on you. I start taking my antibs. At some time, I will se stained sputum meaning stale blood but it goes away. At the moment my breathing is rattly and productive.

I hope that you feel better soon and enjoy the rest in between exacerbations.

Lov annieseed xx

But least, I have had a break.

Sorry to hear this Lynne, so soon after the last one.

It's weird isnt it. And how can you get another infection when the weather is like this and so few people seem to have coughs & colds to catch? I'm wondering if your isn't fromt the same infection. I really hope it doesn't take hold this time.

Re sinuses, have a look at the reviews for 'Sinus Relief', from NeilMed on Amazon. The Physio at PR gave me the rinsing device after the assessment. I've had several medics ask me about post nasal drip recently, I'm beginging to think something shows in my voice).

The Rinse is supposed to be marvellous. It came with 2 sachets of the solution & my order of 120 sachets has arrived so I've no excuse now but to give it a go.

Your post has given me the push I needed so I'll do it in a mo (been putting it off). My sinuses are always blocked, cause headaches and could be a contributory factor in my own lungs probs.

Good luck with getting rid of your infection. Did you send in a sample? P xx

PS my 5th PR session at 10 this morning, cant wait, it's made such a difference and will get me back on track to becoming fit again - or at least fitter than I've been for the last 3 years! You're so right about exercise.

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I went to my introductory for PR, and followed by an assessment. I am feeling excited by this, and hoping it will make me more active. Lobe Anniseedx

Hi Lynne sorry to hear you have another chest infection. I'm sure you'll be following all your instructions. Hope you're on the road to recovery soon.

Good luck,


Argh not again, Lynne. If you think your sinuses aren't behaving properly how about trying an Olbas or Vick inhaler - even if mine seem fine, I often use it and it definitely helps. Hope this infection isn't any where near as bad as the last. :) xx

I find the same thing Lynne. A lot of my infections have followed a different path. Its very confusing isn't it? My strangest one was no coloured phlem and no cold preceding it. But I kept having coughing fits and found it very hard to breathe. When I finally went to doctor he said I should have gone sooner and I ended up on steroids, antibiotics and nebuliser!

Hope you feeling better soon.

Bev xx

So sorry you have yet another infection Lynne, sinus inflammation and infections can lead to lung infections, you are wise to chat with respiratory nurse and see GP, hoping this infection will be a short lived one. Keeping fingers crossed for you.

BC x

Hope you feel better soon Lynne,glad you will be seeing the Doctor,yes it is funny how they can differ,in your case it sounds like the sinuses are causing it? Have you ever had them washed out? I did years ago,& touch wood,never had a problem with them since.Not sure mind you, if they still do that!

Take care, xxx

The Consultant I saw on Thursday reckoned my 3 infections was one continuous infection, but at various stages. Best wishes that you'll soon be well again :)

Sandra x x x

I am sorry to hear you have an infection - fingers crossed the ABs will clear it up. I agree with you - there is no pattern to my husbands chest infections. Some come out of nowhere, others after a cold and so it goes on! With every best wish TAD xx

Hi Lynne, sorry to read you're not feeling too good. Have you ever tried Manuka honey? I've noticed a few people recommending it for avoidance of infections. I have been dithering about trying it myself but it's not cheap and am wondering if the claims are right or whether it's just another "health food" fad being hyped up. Sadie x

Sorry to hear that you are unwell at the moment. Hope the AB's do their job xx

sorry Lynne to hear about your recent infection. I seem toget approx. 4 infs ayear. One sign is my voice gets very husky, sore throat (cannot drink hot liquids). It is nasal drip with me so I make sure I take anti-histamines nasal spray and do aggressive physio seems to delay taking AB s for a couple of weeks KatieJJ

Sorry to hear you are not well Lynne and hope you get better soon. You were so kind in welcoming me to the site recently. Take care xx

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