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problems I-pad xoxoxoxo

morning all

any one having problems with I-pad.

working fine all morning, even took several screen shots of all the various pages,

I was going to upload to show people where there are at and our to move around the site.

came back from shopping , tried to access the site blank screen?

used the new icon from my homescreen, title appears in address bar, site name appears in tab.

but screen blank, tried this morning same!

on different note, received e-mail back concerning windows 8 phone no luck the new forum only works on IE 10 or latest browsers tried to rectify, same message windows phone doe's not support this file type.

e-mails on way to nokia/ vodophone/and Microsoft.

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I'm using this site from window's 8 phone :)



thanks, what browser are you using ?

my phone works perfect, banking shopping facebook and more.

just this one site,

the first message is browser to old. tried the four options, same reply windows doe's not support this file type.

tried direct. google got as far the , lets get started, page tried to sign in 'browser to old'

firefox got as far as the 'download now' no support for file type.

safari and internet explorer same message not supported.


Just the one that was already installed internet explorer


I kept getting a blank screen on my ipad so I gave up and have got my husband's laptop now. The forum used to be fine on the ipad but the new one is useless, luckily I can usually get on the laptop.



thank you I have sent e-mail to support team fingers crossed.

I find the I-pad quicker plus I use it out and about.


No problem on my iPad at all.

Lynne xx



could it be I-pad model ?

mine is I-pad mini

3months old still not playing!


Hi Stone,

Had no problem with my ipad2,found going through Safari the best.Go on apples web,you'll get your answers there I think.Good luck,

Wendells xxx


Mine is an iPad 3 and I have just discovered that viewing through Mercury is a lot better than Safari which hasn't been working at all for this forum today.

Even on Mercury the psychedelic avatars are all just black blobs though.

There are technical problems everywhere you look on this forum, I've never seen anything like it.



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