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Thanks for missing me

Well what a welcome back I am surprised but pleasantly so. I have been in the depths of misery this last week feeling really sorry for myself as I have had according to the docs another TIA and this was the reason for the headache which would not leave me alone.

I have posted the odd comment of FB but I feel that this is the only place where I can tell the truth and I didn't feel up to it to be honest. I also had a good chat to someone on here who will be nameless but is not the ogre she likes to make out (I hope she is blushing)

This site really is something special and I sincerely hope the changes will not spoil it.

So here I am foibles and all but with no funny stories at the moment unless you count me going out to the bin and the door shutting behind me and me having to go gripping the garden wall around to my neighbours to ask for the key at 10.30 pm. I am not a pretty sight in my pj's :D



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Hey Jandan, good to see you back - sorry about the misery but it is good to see you.

Yeah all change on Tuesday, I guess we're all wondering what it will be like.

Take care,

Chris xx


You take care Janet please looking forward to hearing more of your funny stories when your well enough Love to the puddy tats of yours too

xxx Julie


Welcome back, jandan, this is a close community that keep an eye on each other. For heaven's sake, dont be depressed on your own. think we all have our moments.


Nice to see you back.xxxx


((((((Janet)))))) comfy cuddles. So nice to see you back, but sorry to hear you'd been so poorly. We were concerned. :)

Sandra x x x


You are entitled to your foibles and it's those very things that make you the special person you are. :) xx You were missed but now you're found again :D xx


Hi Jan, sorry you've been out of sorts,hope its all good from now on, I've been out of the loop and don't know about any changes,hope they will be happy ones,take care,love and enormous soppy hugs to you and all my pals here,huff xxxxxx :D XXXX


Hiya Jan

Someone was putting the rumour round that you had been taken to the vets. It's nice to see it wasn't true. Lovely to see you back. Now toddle off and find some more funnies.

Lots of love, as always, Bobby xxxx


Good to see you back Jandan, but sorry to hear what the reason was hope you are feeling a little better now and back to your old self as the saying goes


Glad your back. Hope your feeling better xx


I am pleased to hear you are on the mend!




Glad your feeling better


Lovely to see you back xxx


Hi Janet, ya missed me didn't ya LOL :D :D :D

So glad to see you on the up ;)

Take your time, blog when ready & just chill & enjoy the love these people send you

The Witch :)



Still miss you Jan xx


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