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I am pretty sure I have a hiatus hernia, with pain coming and going right under my left breast, quite sharp and sometimes worse than others. It was worse last week, I was away from home and eating, probably, richer food. I don't know if anyone else with copd feels the same way, but I just can't face going for tests at the moment, it seems to be just one thing after another. I am wondering if anyone here takes any over the counter medication and what they take, if it works it could at least reassure me that it's not something more serious and would rather try that than go to the gp for the time being. Sadie

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I cannot help sadie but I do know there are a few people here with one so will be along to help. You really need to get checked out with your GP though incase it is something else


I can understand how you feel Sadie, it seems as though we are always at the docs or seeking medical advice - no doubt as Julie says there are a few people with experience who can point you in the right direction. Chin up. :) xx


I have a hiatus hernia. Sooner or later you will have to see your GP, and be put on the correct medication, if it is required. In the meantime, eat little and often, and never late in the evening. Plenty of pillows. You could try Gavisocon or something that your pharmacist recommends. Love Annie xxx

Hi Sadie, I have a very large hiatus hernia found when I had a CT scan for lungs. I have had reflux for years and sleep propped up on loads of pillows. Doc gives me Omeprazole and Peptac. Peptac is like Gaviscon. I have this 4 times a day and Omeprazole 20 mg night and morning. I was put on double that after gastroscopy but lung consultant halved dose again. Reflux can be dodgy for lungs: lung bloke is referring me to gastric consultant for opinion on mine as I still have major burps and reflux. I know they can do keyhole surgery to mend a hiatus hernia but they are reluctant to do the surgery. If they think the reflux is affecting my lungs enough, I suppose they will consider a repair. I am careful with what I eat and avoid spicy and fatty food. I can't even drink the odd glass of wine any more but I can manage the odd Pimms! Good luck with yours. :-) Alison

I have had one for 20 yrs plus along with a inflamed gullet I was given rapreprozole one small tablet once a day and I was fine ,then 2 months ago my gp changed it to lanoprozole and it came back, itold my gp about this and he told me that rapreprozole had been taken of the lists,he told me to take double dose of the lanoprozle so I am waiting to see what happens,you will have to go for a endoscopy to find out which is not very nice hope you feel better when you get the right meds.

Hi Sadie, i had HH diagnosed when i was 40 - symptom was dreadful pain when i was eating - like a tennis ball at the top of my stomach preventing food going down. Stopping eating immediately and sipping tiny amounts of luke warm water helped and it would pass.

My reflux has progressed to Barretts Oesophagus which is pre-cancerous condition where the stomach lining grows up the oesophagus to try to protect it from the stomach acid.

And Alison is right that the acid can get to your lungs causing more damage.

Reflux is a condition which very frequently goes with copd and I know well how it can feel like one thing after another but please tell your GP and get tested. Catch it early and it can be controlled much more easily and do less damage.

Good luck.

I personally have an hiatus hernia and had it diagnosed some 20 years ago. I have used Gaviscon in the past but now have a prescribed medication for it (Lansoprazole). I do understand that you don't want to be messed around by a GP at the moment (Pete is much the same) but I would advise you to get a proper diagnosis when you feel up to it just to be sure. Hope you feel better soon. xxxxxxxxxxxx

- Hi Sadie 1951, yep, join the club!, I have had one for a few years - diagnosed and confirmed by having a Endoscope (Camera down the throat bit ) - nothing to worry about really - more bothersome than anything, if you are diagnosed with one, you will probably be prescribed with the drug, which I take before every meal -" Omeprazole" does the trick ! - Good luck - but do get it diagnosed soon - you won't regret it ! .

your better getting to the docs and getting sorted quickly before it causes other problems . I have had bad heart burn for 15 years and put up with till could not stand any more found was hiatus hernia .. now got Barrets Oesophagus and starting to get very breathless with COPD to the stage will not risk a operation for hernia . gaviston helps take before I go to bed and found helps in night only up 1-2 times a night with refux now instead of most of night also take lansoprazole and omeprazole and don't eat after 7pm at night if have a bad spell sleep down staires sitting up in chair

Thank you very much for all your replies, I think I'll have to go to the doctor sooner rather than later! Sadie

hi caroi have no idea why it was taken off maybe its just another way of saving money ,if you can still get them that's great.

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