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Late Evening Walk brings surprise new Record!!!!!

It seems as though losing nearly 2 stone has made a massive difference to what I am able to do.

I did my usual road walk to the top of our estate which 3 months ago would have taken 30 minutes and a lot of huffing and puffing, I just did it in 18 mins,another new record and had even returned home in the 30 mins which I am finding quite remarkable.

My family were all supprised that I had returned so soon and found it hard to believe that I had been to the top of the estate and back.

I'm at the QE on Tuesday and I am really looking forward to seeing my transplant consultant who asked me to lose weight, because I wan't to personally thank him for convincing me that it is possible to lose weight while on maintainance steroids, something I doubted at the time.

Look after yourselves everyone. :)


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Absolutely brilliant Tony. Next stop the Marathon or maybe a Mars ;) Most excellent and I'm sure they will be delighted with your progress. Just shows what can be done with a little determination. :) x

Congratulations on the new record! Excellent effort!

I think i have found a few of the pounds you have lost!!

You should be proud of yourself!



Thanks Kevin, It was a pretty big effort but then you only get results if you are prepared to work for them.

I'm sorry aout passing on those few pounds but they gotta go somewhere I suppose. :)


Well done Tony, shoot for the stars ;)

Thanks BlakeyC, I just feel so much better than I did 3 months ago when the consultant told me to loose weight. I used to wonder if I would be any better if I shed a pounds, well now I know I do. :).


Well done Dall fingers crossed, one step at a time and you'll get there. With your grit and perseverance you'll get there. Well done,


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Hi Homebreeze, I think sometimes I do things I shouldn't be doing but then I have improved, so I can't be far wrong can I?


Well done Mr Miracle man, can I have some of what you've got. I did go round 4 football fields this afternoon on the granny wagon! Good luck for Tuesday, he will be so impressed.with all you've done.

love Tina x

Hi Tina, All I can give you is hope and support but believe me in time you'll improve your situation, if you keep going the way you are and don't ever give up. You gotta get those stiff lungs moving again and that takes time.

With luck you'll soon be able to ditch that granny wagon and walk around those footy pitches unaided.

Tony xx

Very well done Mr Dall05. You put me to shame! x

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No need to be ashamed Toci, you can only do what you can do and everyone is different.

All I can say is loosing the weight has made such a difference to me and I would recommend it to anyone. Of course some are finding it difficult to put the weight on which is something I never have a problem with.

Thanks Toci


Wow! What a marvelous achievment,you must be so chuffed.Good luck with the appointment,I'm sure they will be happy with you xx

Hi Wendells, Its a big day for you and me tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you and your hubby and hope all goes well.

I'm looking forward to my 6 minute walk test tomorrow so I can set a new record again. I have to cover more than 408 metres off oxygen in 6 minutes and I'll be very happy and so will the consultant if I succeed.

I'm pretty confident I can do it but then you can never tell how tomorrow will be with this disease, so its everything crossed and what will be will be.

I'm writing this on my laptop with the window fitters racing all around me, theres a lot of noise and hard work going on and all I have to do is supply the tea and biscuits.

Its a hard life for some en' it. :)

Tony xxx Once again good luck for your big day tomorrow. :)

Well done, keep it up you are an inspiration.xx

Thanks exblonde, If I can help just one person from my experience then thats great.


Give yourself a pat on the back - well done. Joyce

Well done you!

That's great news Tony. How did you lose the weight? Calorie counting or a particular plan?

Lynne xx

Quite easy really, My consultant said just eat less and you'll lose the weight. He was right although I have cut out as much sugar as possible.


well done, I am trying to lose weight, a pound a week, its taking so long.....................

Sure your consultant will be pleased with your progress


Me too Peta. I'm counting calories, trying to lose a pound a week and its hard. I'm only on 1200 calories a day. It doesn't go far if you want to include a glass of wine lol. I actually eat healthily anyway. Loads of veg and salads, lean meat. No deserts, sweets, cakes etc as I don't like them. I still struggle. I only gained the weight through stopping smoking :(

Lynne xx

yea me too with the smoking, stopped 5 years ago and put on 2 stone.

Do the steriod pumps make it harder to lose weight do you think?

Peta x

I know steroid tablets do, but not so much with inhalers. Xx

A pound a week will get you there in the end so stick to it and you'll feel so much better when you reach your target. Try and keep your eye on the goal at the end.

Can't wait to see the consultant tomorrow, wonder if he'll recognize me.


Hi Tony you are doing excellent with your exercise's I'm sure the transplant guys are in for a surprise, do you do anything else to help you lose weight I'm struggling in this department I am on a RA recommended diet lots of ginger spices ect,any suggestion's m8.MC

Morning MC, You've just got to eat less than you need to loose weight. Its simple really but also very difficult to stop eating all the junk.

You kind of have to starve yourself untill you've lost the weight then you can have the odd treat but keep a close eye on the scales from then on.


Well done Tony that's fantastic. My sister has lost nearly 2 st also and she's doing so well now (she doesn't have copd she has smoking related vascular disease) she lost the weight with slimming world.

I know how she feels, It helps with everything you do and you don't mind looking in the mirror as well.


Absolutely brilliant - well done. xxxx

Were having new windows fitted today and the house is resembling a wind tunnel this morning. Theres banging, crashing and dust flying everywhere but the sun is shinning a little, I'm trying to stay outside as much as possible.

Its going to take 2 1/2 days, my fingers are crossed for good weather,the forcast looks pretty good so I think we'll be ok.


Great job! 2 observations: (1) 1 pound = 3500 calories. Lose weight via diet and/or exercise (2) are you using and monitoring you pulse oximeter on your jaunts?

Hi Hitchcock I do take my oximeter with me sometimes all though Its best not to let it rule everything you do.

With a good balance of exercise and diet the weight has dropped off fairly easily so hopefully I should be able to stay that way now.


Way to go! It appears we are following similar paths. My best to you.


It's all about setting targets that are personal to you - it makes achieving them all the more special.

You're an inspiration,

BLF Active

Thanks Katie, Your right about setting targets,it gives you something to aim for and it feels good when you achieve them.

My first 6 months were mainly improvements but then I started to decline slowly but now things are improveing again and hopefully I can keep it going that way.


Aw Tony, you put the rest of us to shame. Carry on with the good work mate.


Thanks Bobby, You can do anything you want with the right attitude, Its a case of remaining positive as much as possible.


That's very true Tony. However, as my right knee has locked up solid today I am positive I ain't getting out of this chair. lol

regards from Bobby

Go on, you could always hop around the house and even make it out into the garden. Sitting in that chair won't be good for you, I'm only saying that because the builders are tearing my house apart today fitting new windows and I'm better off outside out of the noise, and dust.

They have just started to use silicone sealer and that smells like trouble for my poor old lungs.


Well done Tony your an inspiration. I am aiming for Three stone so I will keep thinking of you

you'll put me to shame if you loose 3 stone but I can assure you, you will feel so much better when you reach that target. Today at the QE on a 3 monthly health check I covered a record 480 metres in 6 minutes off oxygen. 3 months ago and almost 2 stone heavier I could only manage 408 metres and was puffing much harder at the end.

Keep up the hard work and you'll get your reward.


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