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Loosing weight

I have been loosing weight over the past 2 years at first I thought it was because I had been put on Azithromycin and had no steroids for a couple of years, they used to make me put loads of weight on. I must say I was quite pleased

Now I am down from 11st to 8.1/2st and still loosing, I have really no appetite and never fancy anything I don't like chocolate (I know everyone does) nor sweet things.

If i do fancy anything and eat too much I feel ill for the rest of the day, I am getting worried now.

When I do my Tesco shop on the laptop I look around for things that might take my fancy and can't really find a lot.

It's costing me a fortune because I have to keep buying smaller clothes.

Think it is probably time to see the doc.

Any advice would be appreciated.

polly xx

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Yes please go to the Doctor. My mother in law was drinking some food supplements that she got on prescription which were very good. That helped her. Little and often is the key. Take good care. TAD xx

I think you need to get this checked out by your GP

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I agreee go to the doctors you can't be to careful they put me on a food supplement drink dissent taste very nice but it's got all the healthy things you need into it I went down to 7stones 2lb at one point and my height is 5ft 7 which made me seriously under Wright hope you get it sorted :) xxx

Hello Polly

Put powered milk in everything my dietician told me to because I'm very small, and it works I put on 5lb in 6 weeks.

Kim xx

Polly, I have the same problem and when the appetite goes it' horrible. My way back to eating better has been to get a stock of fruit jellies. I know you say that you don't like sweet things but the fruit ones are a little tarter. I also eat a bowl of cereal, Weetabix and rice crispies, every three hours. Anything to tease the metabolism back into proper working order. Cuppa soups are great too and also crackers with your favourite spread. Little and often seems to do the trick for me. I don't know if any of this well help you but it may do. :)

I also forgot to mention the most important thing is to stop thinking about it - like the breathing the more you think it, the worse the problem becomes. I know because I was 6st and constantly worrying about it - changed my attitude and took baby steps and have now got to 7st and stayed there. :)

I have lost 10lbs since Christmas, my asthma nurse knows but didn't suggest anything. I can't put on weight at all even though I take steroids every day.

Trouble is I suffer from migraine as well, and lately I found I cant eat chocolate, cheese, bread biscuits or cake without getting a headache that lasts for days. I have never had a problem with these before.

I tried gluten free flour ...still got migraine....but OK with gluten free bread...weird!

I am now trying acupuncture, the practioner says I have a problem with my digestion as well as my I hope that makes a difference ...he suggested I eat warming stews and soup.

I think I might get some Build Up from the chemist too

Best of luck...I think a visit to your gp or nurse is in order

Oh my goodness Knitter

I said congratulation to you on the 'feeling better' blog. I'm so sorry - I thought that you were trying to lose weight. My brain seems to be 'out of gear' again.

Please forgive me.

Love and hugs



Oh knitter this is not so good, It must be really difficult for you. Have you tried the pro biotics for your digestive system I wonder, they do work but sometimes when the problem is severe it can take around 10 months before you start getting stabilized relief, I had a very bad patch with repeated doses of anti biotics, I would do a course of pro biotics for a month, bowel would settle for a bit then start complaining again so I would start another course, I did that for 10 months before the problem sorted itself. I hope you can get some benefit from something. I got my pro biotics from the health food store, if you have a good store near you they will have many different kinds you can try. It was my bro in law the chemist and herbalist who advised me on this.

Take care. BC x

Support most of scrobbity, a little and often, find things for which you do have a fancy, ie identify your treats and indulge a little. I'm a weetabix man, use full fat milk. I'd recommend lemon meringue pie but the girls ate it all, ( lies ). In the end it was back on steroids that did it for me although they were to keep me breathing.

Good luck


HI Polly, I had the same problem a couple of years ago,was down to 7st when I was prescribed some build up drinks and they did help. I eventually put a stone and a half back on which was nearing normal for me. However, it's happening again, I just don't feel hungry at all and the same as you, if I do have a meal and try to eat it all I feel horrible for hours afterwards. As others have said, little and often is the best way. I used to rely on cereal with loads of milk but I've gone off that too now. I can relate to you doing your Tesco shop online, always looking for something different that I might like but when it comes, I don't want it. Am just waiting for a prescription for the build up drinks again and in the meantime have some strawberry Nesquik stuff for putting in milk, which is one thing I can drink quite happily. See your gp Polly and see if you can get some build up drinks. LIbby

hi polly I am the same 4 months ago was 7 2 now 6 stone don't like to look at myself , have been given build up drinks,just been on steroids 2 weeks ago and co- amoxiclav it gets me down hate being so thin , my doctor is a waste of space , yes its hard so I do understand xx

Hiya Polly

If you have a good GP I would have a word with him. If not, the advice on here from the others seems pretty reasonable.

Love from Bobby xx

I didn't realize there are so many of us desperate to put on weight. I was size 8 then 10 then 12 and up to 9 stone that was last August, then I went back to size 10, I'm now size 8, at the last weigh in I was 7.1/2 stone, I'm frightened to weigh myself now. I've got clothes in all 3 sizes. I eat little but often, I am into victoria sponge at the moment. I don't like full fat milk. Last time I was size 8 I ate digestive biscuits with real butter on. I tend to feel nauseous after I've eaten sometimes so that dosn't help. I do take ADs which tend to surpress your appetite.

Like longdays I hate being thin, and if someone says 'gosh you've lost weight' I want to hit them.

Lib x

Hi When I Was Looking To Build My Self Up Babies Gold Formula A Was Told Is Best In The Business ... Works A Treat In Gravy Or Spuds Or In Glass On Its Own

Hope You Get It Sorted All The Best :)

Do go & get it checked out,to put your mind at rest,worrying will only make you lose more!!

Plenty of good advice there as well;

Take care,

Love Wendells xxx

Hello Polly

I'm one of those who was 5' 9" tall and a size 6!

A few years ago it was found that I needed an operation, which I had, and it seemed to 'kick start' my appetite. I am now 10st and a size 14 and now try to stop putting too much weight on!!

I know how difficult it is to put weight on - I tried for years. I found the idea of stews, roast dinners, thick soups etc disgusting.

Salads, fruit, fish, cold meats etc were things I could cope with. I used a big dinner plate which made food that was on it look less than it was.

I think what others have said is a good idea - go to see your Doctor.

There is one other thing I would say - do not throw out the clothes which do not fit you at the moment. I did that a couple of times and then had to buy again.

Good luck.

Love and hugs



Firstly, i think i have been finding the weight you have lost!

seriously though

Loosing too much weight can be problematic!!

There is a healthy weight for all of us out there!! I concur with the above, and have a chat!



Hello Polly it's a bit worrying to lose too much weight,I'd let the doctor know, I used to find it hard to put on weight,stuck on 7stone4 most of my life and tried everything to gain weight but nothing worked, I burnt it off with worry and stress,since giving up smoking 9 years ago I put a few stone on now I just wish I could lose half a stone but I cant seem to do that now! Hope you get some help at the doctors if you go,hugs hp x

Hi polly, I once went through a period of losing weight and the doc did prescribe me these ultra sweet fruit juice drinks, but I am sure there may be something else your doc can prescribe that might suit your pallet. The fortisip is a nutrient drink, I don't think that will put much weight on there are more like milkshakes.

If you are ok on milk shakes, just add dollops of icecream to it, jam anything you fancy. If you like bananas they can help put the weight on especially if you do a banana split with them. I love fried bananas in butter top with icecream and cream if you fancy, that will surely add some pounds if you did it often enough Top with some wallnuts if you like crunch.

Use full fat milk in tea and on cereal, and cream in coffee etc. I love to add custard to my cereal with yoghurt and fresh fruit (that's sweet I guess), I don't add the custard all the time because it is going to add more pounds, Tesco do cartons of custard you can squirt straight from the carton and store in the fridge once opened. Toast and bread with real butter.

Getting more onto the savouring things, savoury scones, pizza, pies, cheese twists from the baker, Cornish pasty, savoury pancakes maybe. All the nuts are fattening although if you are having them regularly go for the natural nut, untreated and unsalted. (health food shop or supermarket) Cashew, pistachio, walnuts, peanuts, pine nuts (I love these) + seeds pumpkin, sunflower etc. Pizza, Chinese takeaway oh my this is getting my gastric juices going :)

The body builders protein drinks are bound to help add weight, you can get more savoury type ones in the health food shops I think.

I think BLF have some info on this too. Helpline can advise I am sure. Here is a link that may be useful:

Do check in with your doctor Polly, maybe the doc can refer you to a nutritionist to guide you in diet to weight gain.

Take good care and let us know how you are finding things.

All good wishes

BC x

Thank you everyone for your advice I have made an appointment for the doc on the 4th July so until then will be giving some of your ideas a go.

Thank you

polly xx

Hi Hi Polly I know just how you are feeling !

I was diagnosed with Btonchiectasis is 2003after having a severe pneumonia which kept me from working for 5 months. After having usual treatment with inhalers, antibiotics etc, for the passed 5 years or more I have been losing weight constantly.

I have no appetite but have learned to make my self eat!! What works for me is not to eat at a set time. I used to think ok it's 12 noon lunchtime, 5 pm dinner time etc. This is what I have now. I changed meal times to breakfast 8 am and eat a mashed banana with a couple of cups of tea, 11am two bowls of cornflakes with full fat milk.I eat my lunch about 3 to 4 pm which is 2 rounds of cheese on wholemeal toast , a build up drink which contains all vitamins and minerals with full fat milk. I eat my dinner at 7 pm.

I never feel like eating. but it is surprising, once I start to eat I enjoy it.

This is just a permanent way of life for me now.I was told by dietician to drink full fat milk with dried milk. I just drink full fat milk. If I am out socializing and forget to eat lunch or milk, I can lose 7lbs on a day !! My normal weight should be 8 stone but I hover from7 stone to 7 stone 5 ounces. I manage to keep around this weight following this eating pattern.

I do hope this helps you.

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