A funny (or sad?) thing happened today when I visited my mum in her care home

They said she was short of bedsocks so I bought her some yesterday and left them on her bed. When visiting today I noticed she didn't have any socks on and her feet were cold. So I mentioned it to the manager. She said yes I know one of the care staff is with her now who didn't know whether to put them on her or not.

So I went back to her room and I mentioned it to the carer. She said - and I kid you not

'Yes I saw them there but didn't know if you wanted me to put them on her or not' and 'We welcome and need relatives input' She also pointed out that they were new!

So I said 'Yes but surely you don't need our input to put socks on her if her feet are cold'? 'Please make sure she has socks on at all times - this is why I bought them!' As to them being new 'Do you want someone to wear them in first'?

Is it me? :d

Bev x

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  • It beggars belief!!! I sometime wonder if some people are blessed with logic.

    I hope your Mum has cosy feet now.

    Love and hugs



  • Common sense that is all that is required. Did the carer think the socks were there to be admired? Unbelievable! It doesn't fill you with much confidence about their ability to care for vulnerable people. :-) Alison

  • Lol it doesn't does it? I should have suggested putting them on the wall as 'art work' :)

    Bev x

  • Hi Hypercat hope you are well, Surely you don't have to be a brain of Britain to work out why they were there, maybe for the patient in the next bed and they were waiting for you to bring in slippers as well. mattcass

  • Hard to believe,but a good heads on,to know how you have to spell everything out to them!

    Hope her tootsies are comfy now! xxx

  • I wonder how much this was being put down to health and saftey. Political correctness gone mad and which creeps into this forum. Perhaps the care assistant might have thought that your mother might have been offended by the colour. Perhaps she might have been allergic to the texture. Possibly she could have got a skin reaction. She might have caught one of her toenails in the sock.They might have been too tight, gangrene. They might have been too loose, and she could have slipped on the floor. They could have been stolen! Oh dear, the police would have been involved.

    Other residents could have felt deprived because they didn't have bedsocks. The design wouldn't fitted in with the regulations set down by the council.

    It should always be checked that you needed planning permission before they are placed in her cupboard. They dont constitute a fire hazard.

    Poor old bed socks!!

  • You forgot to mention the form filling (in triplicate), and a risk assessment. And whatabout the possibility of the carer hurting their hand or back if the haven't been trained on how to put socks (3 day course with a certificate at the end)!!

  • Just thinking, I didn't think of a warning that this might cause offence. Sorry.

  • Lol - don't ever apologise for your sense of humour!

    Non PC Jude

    (With thanks to Bobby for the Non PC idea)

  • qbjb

    You are welcome sir. Feel free anytime

    Regards from Bobby

  • Lol, wrong sex but I will, thank you Bobby!



  • That's it, I'm over the top now. Poor old devil can't tell a man from a woman. My deepest apologies

    Bobby xxxx

  • Absolutely and overwhelmingly forgiven - and my face is aching from laughing - xxxx

  • How crazy! glad your Mum has cosy feet now! These nurses need to keep on their toes , I was appauled when I saw on the news last week, a lady being negleted by nurses and caught out by a secret camera, it made me cry and I still well up at the thought of it now.Hope you are okay Bev, thinking of you and your Mum,sending big hugs to you both,huff xxx

  • This takes me back 30 years when I had bought three lovely new cardigans for my mam when she was in a home. The next time I visited her the other three ladies in her room were wearing them, shrunk to half their size...and my mam had an old shabby one on from one of the other ladies. And yes, they did have her name tag inside and yes, they were guaranteed washable...So things don't improve do they?

  • Oh dear. They have improved in one way - they all have their own room now. I remember my great aunt when I was a kid. I hated visiting her because she had to share with 2 other women and the room smelt of p... and s....

    Bev x

  • Annieseed.... That was so brilliant, yet equally frightening as you are probably very close to the mark... This country has gone crazy where political correctness is concerned!

    Hypercat.... So sorry you and your mum are having to deal with this x

  • This political correctness, health and safety really gets me going. In moderation, OK, but when people doing my thinking for me, I am livid! Violation of my free thinking. The same with jokes, on this site. They are meant kindly to amuse people. I wouldn't hurt anyone, but even if I did, I would apologise. I could say a lot, lot more but SH!!

  • Thanks you Lillytan. My mum doesn't know much anymore. Its as much as she can do to open her eyes and eat and drink! I check her feet every day now to make sure she is wearing warm socks...

    Bev x

  • Hight of stupidity Eh?


  • On the subject of Health and Safety, one of my daughters friends worked in a care home and she loved her work BUT she got fired when she tried to catch one of the ladies as she fell. Her boss told her H&E said they weren't to do that "in case they were sued". She told me if they hadn't already fired her, she would have walked out after that.

    Jude xx

  • They were obviously not fluffy socks, Bev - they only know to put fluffy socks on their patients. :)

  • Ah they were - all fluffy and thermal :d

    Bev x

  • You couldn't make it up could you Bev? Perhaps you should have left a note and just hoped they could read! I am sure your mum will be happy to have warm feet now thanks to you. Take care. xxxxxx :)

  • unbelievable - one can only think that sometime in the past someone put some article of clothing on a bed, as you did, and that they presumed it was for the elderly person whose room it was and therefore dressed them in it and later learned it that it was not for them and got told off - hence their reluctance in this case - I put this forward as the only logical explanation I can think of to explain such behaviour, but maybe wrong and no sense in it at all. Who knows...

  • Thanks for your replies everyone. The home is generally (as homes go) pretty good and the residents seem happy enough. I have a good relationship with them and the staff. I'm like part of the furniture now! Well we all are really but I am good at saying something in a non judgemental way to the staff. Maybe thats what they mean by getting the relatives involved... :d

    Bev x

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