copd and arthritis


Having recently got over a nasty cough I decided to make a serious effort to improve my fitness(btw I have 'moderate copd/ primarily emph')

I have had aching hips and legs for ages and put this down to being an unfit slob.

Pain has got worse whether I exercised or not so recently went to the docs hoping for physio advice.

After X rays, apparently I have osteoarthritis of both hips.

Can anyone out there with both arthritis and copd give me some advise about exercise and pain relief



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  • Hi izzwizz I have copd and osteo in my hands and wrists has your doc given you any antiinflamatrys for it


  • No just pain killer med I think

    Thanks for replying

    Izzy x

  • Hi Izzy, I'm on Diclofenac for my arthritis, which is predominately in my hips. I don't really do any special exercises, but do try to keep walking (not always so easy when you're breathless.). Sorry, not being much help, but I'm sure there'll be someone along with more useful advice.

  • Thank you Carrie

    Izzy x

  • Hi izzwhizz

    I to have osteo arthritus and rhumatiod,, i to like Carrieme take diclofenic tabs, 2 x 3 times a day,,and also amiltryptolene,,take 2 about 8.30 at night,,it kills of the nerve endings and helps me sleep,,, I also walk the dog twice a day heavy puffing but good for the lungs,,i think i,ve stretched them to there full capacity,,and the best bit is that i have,nt had a lung infection for 18 months, since getting the dog basically..

  • Thank Chrissie

    Izzy x

  • Thanks Chrissie Carrie and jenny

    My GP gave me a prescription for Naproxen and Omeprazole ...... I read side effects and decided I wasn't in that much pain yet (GP told me the Naproxen could worsen my breathlessness!)

    So I've been taking ibuprofen on and off (seems not to make a difference) and walking more (seems to be helping bit)

    I will see how it goes and see my GP with your meds listed 'up my sleeve'



  • Hi again Izzy, I'm on Omeprazole too, but that's to counteract the effects of the medication on your stomach.

  • That's interesting, I thought if you've got copd you can't take diclofenic, I've git terrible sciatica at the moment, co codamol seems to make me breathless, so managing, just about on paracetamol, will have a chat with gp re diclofenic x x x hope your going to feel better soon izz. Don't know how old you are, but old age is no place for wimps x x x

  • I take Tramadol at night and Co codomol, I have osteo arthritis in my hips T he only exercise that I can do is walking the dogs, with stops for my breathing and I also do some light exercises that I learn at Pulmonary rehab with some very light ladies weight I got f rom Argos as theese you can do either sitting up or standing. I think the BLF do a CD on exercise for COPD, it may be worth giving the BLF nurses a ring and asking them for advice about it best wishes Julie.

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