What's going on?

I can’t understand what is going on. My troubles at the moment consist of an eye recovering from cataract operation, a blocked ear that refuses to unblock despite my nurses best attentions, a loose tooth, a split fingernail, a gammy knee and water swollen legs.

But there is good news. My breathing that is usually pretty poor is absolutely wonderful today. No gaspin’ at all. Think I might go for a 5 mile run later. lol

Love and happy breathing to everyone

Bobby xxx

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  • Oh dear, Bobby, you are in the wars but don't let it get you down. But keep your legs higher than your heart. So I am told. Do you take water tabs and support socks. I am trying to present a sexy image for you...love annieseed xxx

  • Annieseed

    My sexy image went out of the window years ago. I just have to rely on my boyish charm now. I take two water tablets every day but it is a constant battle to keep the water off. Support socks have yet to come so I can look forward to that.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • I have got cystitus, but strangly my breathing is good and my sinuses are OK, no headache. Maybe the body can only have so many things wrong with it. I will join you on the 5 mile run Bobby if that's OK (don't let the cystitus put you off)

    Lib x

  • Had cystitis about 30 years ago. Didn't like it. Decided not to have it anymore.

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • Well they say exercise is good for you. Just be careful the water doesn't slosh around too much when you run. Take a stick to hold out on your blind side, an ear trumpet so you can hear the traffic, a bag to put the tooth in when it falls out resdy for the tooth fairy. Finally a knee bandage and a plaster and off you go.

    Second thoughts splash some water on your face. Look knackered and say how invigorated you feel!!!!!


    Tina :) xxx

  • It's ok Tina I got round the problem. I went for a 5 mile run in the car. Very comfortable too. lol

    Love from Bobby xxxx

  • How many times round the car was that? Did the gear stick get in the way. Heard of doing all sorts in the car but never running. There are better ways to get sob!

    Lots of love bobby dear xxxxx Tina

    :) :d :p ;)

  • I don't want to know what other things you can do in a car. Is a good boy.

    Bobby xxx

  • Enjoy the breathing whilst you can. Why spoil 'luxury breathing' with exercise????? Ah yes, it is good for us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    enjoy your day whatever you get up to!

  • Thanks Kevin, you have a good day too.


  • Ah Bobby out for the sympathy vote are you well you are in the wrong place for that you should know that by now :) At least with the blocked ear you cannot hear us all laughing at our visualisation of you staggering along on that 5 mile run :-/

  • Aww Jandan. With your kind nature you were the one person I expected sympathy from.

    Totally disillusioned now, sob sob.

    Never mind, still loves ya

    Bobby xxx

  • Apart from all that, in pretty good nick then? :D

    Lynne xx

  • You know me Lynne, still a happy chappy regardless. I don't let a lot get me down.

    Bobby xxx

  • Glad to hear your still plodding along. :) Xx

  • Fankoo xxxx

  • Hope you have a good day whatever you get up to. Xxx

  • Glad the op.went ok,sorry about all the rest!! A good run might fix all that.,don't forget your stockings,ha ha! xx

  • All this talk of me exercising and going on runs is worrying me. I think it is a plot to kill me off. Do you lot know my wife?

    Bobby xxx

  • Gosh I think your wife must be an angel. :)

  • Now a lot of men would say "I wish that she was". But I love her really, she gives me pocket money every week. Steals me pension mind .......

    Bobby xxx

  • Bobby, this blog has made me laugh late at night. Bet you were a right heartthrob when you were younger. I have been feeling down all day ..worrying about getting another chest infection when husband is on chemo. Not good for him .love annieseed x

  • Sounds like a good trade though Bobby! :d

    Bev xx

  • Have you swallowed the encyclopedia of illnesses,you seem to be bragging that you have got more than the rest of us.Or are you loooking for sympathy from the girls.


  • C'mon Richard, you know me. You well know the answer to that one. lol


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