A big 'THANKYOU' for this site.

A big 'THANKYOU' for this site.

To this site and how much it is helping me.

When I wake up in the early hours and feel crumby . . I can leave a Blog and

everyone seems to understand.

Offloading is so beneficial when you are feeling

scared and on your own.

AND suddenly you realise noooo you are not alone.

Huge ((hugs) all round x x

Will there be another party on at the wk end?

I hope so, I got lost the last time . . . :0)

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This is pic of me in a village with Kenyan Children.

Lovely picture Ros. Yes, it is a good site and helps people cope with their condition, share their fears, their views and ask questions in a friendly, non judgmental environment.

Lynne xx

Yes it is Lynne, I never really felt is that there was anyone I could talk too.

I did not wish to worry my daughter with it all.

xx Ros xx

I agree with every thing you say it's a comfort knowing there are others that understand what you are feeling and are so willing to help

xxx Ros xx

Thankyou Decor

I hope as time goes by I will have enough info to give a little help to others.

xx Ros xx

We are all in the same boat so we understand each others fears and problems, long may the site keep going.

Lib x

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