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Daily Laughter

I just got a call from Animal Control today to tell me that my dogs were chasing kids on a bike.

I told him that it was a load of crap, my dog doesn't have a bike.

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xx ros xx

Well done, berwick

Lol that's a good one :) xx

Hahaha! I love your daily laughter!!! :) :D X

I thank my readers for taking time to read and enjoy but most importantly have a laugh. I think I will change it from Daily Laughter to Daily Prayers.

Love it

:D :D what a great way to start the day; a smile and a laugh sets you up perfectly :)

Smiling!! xx

Lol started my day off well :)

PS. I have a bike I'm not using if your dog would like it. Don't want him to feel deprived. :P

Thank you but am looking for a tandem as I have to dogs. LOL xxxx

Just trying to picture my standard poodle on a bike. Haha! I think he'd enjoy it, he's such a fun loving dog.

koala x

Koala strange enough I have got 2 standard poodles , black bitches , Meghan and Tegan but I an thinking on a tandem or one of these running boards . LOL. xxx

Can somebody pass me a Tena. I liked that one berwick. Just getting the coffee off my keyboard now.


WHAT your getting your coffee of the keyboard with a Tena? lol xx

Yep. Nowheeze got a job lot cheap at the warehouse. It's amazing what you can do with them. Great for runny nose too. Best not to go out like that though. lol

Love from Bobby xxx

Now thats an act I would love to see on Britains not got talent 2 standard poodles on a tandem. Reckon it would win ? great joke loved it xx

lovely thanks x

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