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Just another day Eh?...................KOTC

...............................Just another day Eh?

Got up at six this morning ,washed my hair etc. Did my nebs and meds which takes me about an hour.had breakfast ,sat outside with Badger catching the early morning sunshine.

Feeling a lot better today,not quite right but a lot better. Time to get dressed in my best(only) casual attire,

Wife has set the sat nav for me and off I go to attend the EMAS(East Midlands Ambulance Service) Board meeting.I left early in case of any hold ups and duly arrive 20mins before time.

The receptionist asked me to sign in and fill in my name tag badge.''What are you here for'' says she,''The Board meeting'' says I.'' We haven't got any meetings here today sir''''But you've just signed me in'' ''Sorry'' says she

''Do you know where the meeting might be please?''

''Yes it's at the HQ today.I will phone and tell them you have come to the wrong place''

''Could you tell me where the HQ is please?''

She wrote down the directions explaining them to me at the same time and off I go ,no need to put them into the sat nav.About ten miles later I think to myself this is not right ,I am lost but I continued to drive and YES you've guessed I ended back at my first destination.

I stopped to ask two men if they knew where Nottingham Business Park is and they informed me it was straight down the road I was on albeit quite a long way.One of the gentlemen told me he was going that way and I could follow him in his car.I was truly greatful as by then I was getting a bit flummoxed.

I arrived at the HQ and the entry barrier would not go up.I kept pressing buttons ----nothing.A lady walking past said it was always breaking down but she flashed her little disc thing in front of it and up te barrier went'

Into the building signed in,only twenty minutes late.

It was a very intense meeting and I was quite drained at the end of it.

Back into car set sat nav for home and off I go,turned a few corners and I thought I know this road,Having done 25-30 miles to get to the meeting I was actually about 4 miles from home!!!!

Had a nice salad lunch alfresco,did my nebs and meds and went to bed for an hour.

Spent the rest of the afternoon sitting outdoors with Badger and the wife,

Lamb chops and salad for dinner.

Came on here to see what everyone has been talking about.Nice sensible topics I might add.

I have just been sat in the garden with Badger.bless him he follows me everywhere,

I have been stargazing,very therapeutic!

And now I have written to you

That has been my day.



Do you know where to go for your local Breathe Easy meeting?

Details are available on the BLF Helpline 03000 030 555

Mon-Fri 10am 6pm

Check the BLF web site


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Oh my goodness King,you did have an adventure!! When you do things,it's not by halves is it?!! Glad you made it eventually anyway,what tenacity,top marks.

Glad you are feeling better,but shouldn't you be tucked up by now?? It's 9am here,so must be the middle of the night there.I bet the lamb chops tasted good,after such hard work,lol!

I am off to see the lung specialist,in a couple of hours,& have been warned, there are massive road works,& detours there,so may have one of your days!!

Sweet dreams,take care,

Wendells xxx

Thank you Wendells.Hope you got there safely and that things were ok with the lung specailist


What an eventful day, Kingy. So glad you're able to relax and recharge your batteries for tomorrow ;)

Sandra x x x

Been on recharge all day today,lovely sunshine

Another busy day, I see. I do admire the way you really contribute to doing something about helping others with this illness.

Following your excellent example, I had a telephone interview yesterday with a press person from BLF as they are producing a new leaflet about giving up smoking and copd. They might be using me as a case study and I had to find a photo to send them.

I hope you have a more relaxing day today with Badger and your wife.

Lynne xx

We have all enjoyed our time in the garden today,the sunshine was superb.

Cripes, what a trip. You're a good man Richard.

Today I hope you can relax and have a happy, sunny day. :-)

Done nothing today,feeling a lot better now

I admire you greatly too,you certainly can't keep a good man down even when under strict orders to take it easy! I liked hearing about your day and it looks like another sun shiney day today so I will be in the garden...I've weeded the rhubarb patch yesterday while you were touring about attending meetings and today its the Blackcurrents to be weeded and lots of potting on to do......what are your plans for today? relaxing and taking in some vitamin D I hope! Have a very happy day! :) xxx

Had no plans and did those plans!

A day? That would be a week's worth for me! Am I now motivated to move and do something - nah! (I am really) :)

I hope you have had a motivated day

I'm exhausted just reading your post. Have a good rest. :-) Alison

You better rest as well

Wow Richard, what a day you had! Hope today finds you well rested and taking it easy. Badger sounds lovely by the way. xxxxxx :)

Badger is handsome,quiet,adorable just like his dad!

Its tiring reading the journey so well done (I can get lost going to the shops). You have the patience of a saint.

Take care


I took wifey to work for 8am and came straight home. Wifey is working until 8pm so I had a quick flit with the duster and now I intend to just doss ALL DAY! Why not, I'm 70. I put my 50 years in (just 3 weeks off work) and now I am going to enjoy myself.

Love to everyone

Bobby xxxxx


That's me late as ever. You weren't lost you were exploring alternative routes!

But the weather has made up for it all. Hope you are feeling well now.

love Tina x

I have only lived here for four years and I still can't get my directions right.

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