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Halogen Oven Health Warning!

Hi there heavy breathers. Here's a little something I'd like to share with you....

The wifey and I decided to buy a Halogen Oven after reading great reviews from people who own them; a friend of ours has had one for many months and uses it regularly and loves it. And so we bought one from Argos.

Of course, it would've been a good idea before buying one to consider where it could be placed in the kitchen. The first thing we discovered was that it wouldn't fit on any of our worktops because they all have fitted wall cabinets above them - and with the Halogen Oven having a lift-off lid, using it would be impossible and dangerous. I spent a few days scratching my head thinking about where we could put it? Then the light popped on in my brain suggesting I place it on top of the cooker. Yup, it worked! But it was quite a reach to lift the lid and place the uncooked food inside the cooker bowl itself. But hey, if you don't try you don't succeed.

Okay, we decided to cook 2 frozen cod steaks in breadcrumbs on the lower shelf for our very first Halogen-cooked meal. On went the lid, and the heat level and timer set. Then blast off! The fish would take 40-minutes to slowly cook through properly.

The time arrived to take out the cooked fish, and I raised the safety handle and lifted off the lid, and without thinking first, I grabbed the side of the lid to slide it onto the lid-rest to cool. This didn't quite go to plan as the instant I grabbed the very hot lid, the searing pain in the fingers and thumb of my right hand made me put down the lid on the nearby worktop and run for the cold water tap to immerse my burning fingers under it. Meanwhile, the lid was slowly scorching the worktop. Tip: use oven gloves or mitts when handling hot stuff.

The nurse at the Community Health Centre informed me the burns weren't too serious as she put some cream on the affected areas then covered them with a light dressing.

Now I'm not a bloke who easily quits, and there was no way I was going to let that oven make a fool of me twice! And so I decided I'd cook a small chicken for my next attempt a few days later. Only this time I wore oven gloves ...

The nurse at the Community Health Centre said the burns on my forearms were not too serious and they'd heal in time, though probably leave a nasty scar. She also said that I shouldn't cook with rolled-up sleeves in future.

The Halogen Oven was cleaned and put back in the box, and will be for sale shortly on Ebay.

Healthy eating!

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Awe sorry about your experience, I purchased mine a year or so ago, read the instructions and it clearly tells you not to put the lid onto work surfaces, or even touch. I went on ebay and purchased a special lid rack (not unlinke a dish rack) and it sits in really well.

Not being confrontational here, but just love mine, use it all the time.

My only comment is that I do agree they are big! But you can get smaller versions of them.

Very economical for one (me).

Anyway, good luck in selling it onto ebay.

hugs from Ros x

What make is yours Ros?

My sister in law also bought an halogen oven and then decided that it wouldn't fit in her kitchen.I think it was bought at kays so she rang to have it picked up.The day duly arrived but no one came she rang to sort it out and it was agreed that as she was going to stay with her daughter she would take it with her and it would be picked up from there.It wasn't.By now they were pressing her for payment 2 other pick ups were arranged and more threats for payment before it was finally picked up.It would be interesting to see if this had affected her credit rating.


Crumbs Gail,

Not good.

I guess the lid can be a problem but I managed to find a way to use mine.

Would not be without it. Cheap as chips for someone on their own.

hugs from Ros

40 mins is an excessively long time to cook fish. 2 - 6 mins in the microwave depending on quantity. Usually just 15 - 20 mins in pre heated standard oven and only about 10 mins under the grill.

Hope your burns heal ok.

Auntymary x

I am veggie so what I cook in the Halogen is quick on the correct settings.

But I do understand where you are coming from. :0)

Not that I eat animals, but if I did I most probably would use the grill.

What make is your Halogen Oven tomscribe?

What are the dimensions?

I guess it a bit like a slow cooker, root veg will not cook unless it is alread par cooked.

When I was working my slow cooker was amazing. But, obviously not for a quick meal.

hugs from Ros.

Guess neither Slow Cooker or Halogen re: health are necessary a health warning if you carefully read the instructions carefully, I think that so often we are inclined not to read them.

I purchased a hob that is induction and found that none of my collection of saucepans worked on it. Just wished I had read up more about them.

It it's hot, I can burn myself on anything. I have the scars to prove it. :)

Ouch :-( Sorry to hear you burned yourself, burns are agonisingly painful things and I've only ever had really minor ones.

I don't even know what halogen ovens are LOL. I'm not a great cook although I do love my food.

better luck in the kitchen next time


I know your burns hurt, and it is awful for you, and I am full of sympathy, .........

But I couldn't help smile at your story, it was written in such an amusing way.

Get better soon.

Lynne xx

hi i bought myself a silacon baking mat to put my halogen lid on and roll it up when not in use, hope this is a help as the halogens are very good there is also cook books you can get for lots of different recipes.

We ordered ours from Ideal World and it came with a fixed lid on a hinge that you do not take off.

It is great.

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