Hi to you all; haven't been here for a while, very busy organising events for Breathe Easy Awareness Week which commences June 10th. However, just wanted to share my good news with you; After a long seven year battle, I have finally been awarded both components of DLA: As I am 62, I knew this would be my last chance before the age cut-off point, but my goodness! what a fight.This last episode went on for six month's, and in my last letter I requested that my application should go before a Tribunial if their decision remained as before. I am so delighted as this now enables me to have the help when I need it. This time. I went to my GP and bluntly told him the misery we suffer, the hardship it causes and the fear that envelopes us when we become ill, he in turn wrote a very supportive letter. In addition, I didn't use the COPD terminology, as I am quite convinced that the people who go through the claim forms are absolutely cluless in their understanding of our condition. Hope this gives incentive to those who are still trying. Take care everyone and stay happy x

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  • Absolutely delighted for you - just saddened by the performance that you had to go through to get it. Excellent news.

  • Pleased to hear this wonderful news ! :)

    Agree that it's not good that anyone had to go through such a lot of hassle to get the allowance that is supposed to be beneficial to those who are disabled, yet can cause severe mental anguish in just trying to apply ! :O

    I've recently been put in the support group for ESA, without needing to attend a face to face interview, yet my application for DLA is awaiting a tribunal hearing. Anyone would think this was two totally different organisations in the way they have dealt with these two applications. No, It seems that different bits of the DWP don't talk to each other... :X

  • Glad to hear your good news, and after 7 years, it's about time too!

  • Very pleased for you so sorry the battle took so long. xx

  • Well done for hanging in there when most would have given up, I wonder did they see sense or did they realise you were not giving in.

    polly xx

  • Excellent news effel. I am really pleased for you. It certainly looks like it was a long hard slog for you. My own application has just gone in and they tell me it can be up to 11 weeks before a decision is made. Hey ho.

    Bobby xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! ...... Wow what a battle - I'm so pleased that you've finally beaten the system. It was well worth it for you to stay the course, sadly so many of us still get trampled on by the *TEAM*

    Spend it RECKLESSLY :-)



  • well done xx

  • Thats realy good Effel, I'm so pleased for you,its made a difference to me too! xxx

  • What are you doing for Breathes Easy awareness week?


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