Cataracts and COPD

7:15 am on Saturday and I was off to Birmingham Eye Hospital to have my cataract fixed. At 7:50 I checked in with Godzilla’s sister on reception. I’m immediately separated from my loving, caring, gorgeous wife (Yeh, I know but she might be reading this) and put in a separate waiting area.

At 10am my beloved comes in and tells me that I am last on the list of 16 and it will be 3pm before I am seen. Then she adds the frightening part. While I wait she is going shopping in Birmingham. OMG, all me money going west. Eventually, at 2:20, I am taken to theatre.

Now this is where the lung disease bit comes in. Like many of us I can’t lay flat and I was terrified that I wouldn’t be able to breathe on the operating table. As it turned out I needn’t have worried. The pre-med people propped me up just enough to satisfy both me and the surgeon. He could work and I could breathe. Happiness all round.

Just to complete a lovely day, when wifey got to Brum it was Gay Parade day and she couldn’t get to half the shops. There is a God after all.

Bobby xx

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  • That made me chuckle, we had the same experience just recently, checked hubby in at 8:30 at Dorchester hospital, was told that he wouldn't be seen until about 11:30 so off to the shops I went. Went back without any carrier bags (only because I had dumped them in the car) just in time to see him off to theatre, 15 minutes later back - all done.

    Hope everything went well with yours

  • Secondlife

    Everything went great thank you, apart from the long wait.

    Bobby xxx

  • Let me know how you are getting on, phillips, I had my cataracts done - no problem. In fact, it was intersting.

  • What's with this formal Phillips. Just cos I called you an old bat doesn't mean I'm not Bobby anymore. lol

    Still love you lots

    Bobby xxx

  • OK - Bobby. When did you call me an old bat!!

  • Annieseed

    Who me! If you can't remember it must have been someone else. Phew! Talks his way out of it again.

    Bobby xxx

  • I dont mind, Bobby. It would be so nice to be called an old bat by you!!

  • Lucky it wasn't me Bobby your wife must have more restraint than me gay march or not I would have been in those shops and after all she did need her nerves settling all the worry she must have being married to you.

    Pleased your op went well


  • If you knew how much she is pampered and spoiled Jan you would weep. It's lovely being married to me. And anyway, it was her that proposed to me. I was worried about the age gap but ten years later we are still together, and happy.

    Bobby xxx

  • How nice, love never accounts for age, looks or money :)

  • I'm glad everything went smoothly for you.

    Lynne xx

  • Thank you Lynne xxx

  • Hi Bobby

    I'm so pleased that your operation went well.

    I'm really sorry that your wife didn't manage to buy anything - poor lady. Like Janet, I would have been in those shops and I would have been buying!!!!

    Seriously, I really am pleased that you are OK. I have heard of the Birmingham Eye Hospital which I believe is an excellent hospital. Perhaps you could offer your services to the Hospital Recruitment Department so that they have pretty/good looking girls/men on reception. (I can't believe I said that!)

    Have a good weekend with your wife.

    Love and hugs



  • Pepsicoley

    Actually they did have one young tasty blonde there but she was engaged to this huge porter. I'm no fool and I know when to leave well alone

    Bobby xxx

  • Glad to hear everything went well with your op Bobby - as for your wife's lack of shopping - that march was an opportunistic excuse, she'd have been too worried to concentrate on spending money ....but I'm sure she'll soon recover too :)

  • Thank you Nowheeze. Wifey has got over it already and is going shopping in Merry Hill (massive indoor centre) tomorrow with our daughter.

  • oops, forgot kisses. xxxxx

  • See - I've been there too. Even had custody of all his bank cards (and of course the pin numbers) but just couldn't get my mind to focus on shopping. I'm so happy to hear her spirits have lifted. :) x x x

  • A woman that can't focus on shopping? Methinks that might be a bit of a porkie pie. xxx

  • I too thought I was coming down with something serious, but no, just worried about my old man is all, Bobby, just like your lovely lady yesterday ..... :) x x x

  • Think I heard on the grapevine that Birmingham Eye Hospital was closed for half an hour yesterday because they had to subdue an over-hilarious patient - I knew it must have been something to do with you.

    I can be rude to you on the left hand side of the comments cos you probably can't see that side what with the Mr Men eye patch :D x

  • Ah but I have got my son keeping TWO eyes on you xxx

  • One is enough poor lad, it could be a 'gorgon' moment for him - blessssss x

  • Well done Bobby, but when's the op to take the sharp edge off that tongue? Better increase the credit on the card. Wife and daughter!

    love Tina x

  • Do I come across as sharp? Seriously? The vast majority of my remarks are made very tongue in cheek xxx

  • Oh dear that'me and my mouth! One grovelling apology coming up. Ssssorr it's too hard. Start again Sorry.... Done it.

    Just had a really wicked thought. You'd better not have been winding me up. You've heard of a bobbit?

    Love Tina xxx :p

  • Winding you up Tina? Nah! I was just a bit nervous that some times I go a bit far. However, when I do intend to be sharp - about twice in three months so far - it's pretty obvious. And as for you, I will love you always. Bobby xxxxx

  • Glad it all went well :) x

  • Thank you Chell xxx

  • Great blog Bobby, You've a pretty good sense of humor going on there. :)

  • Thanks Dall. That's apreciated.


  • Glad it all went well.

  • Thank you Bella. I was scared to death though.

    Bobby xxx

  • Well done Bobby,some of these girls will beleive anything!

  • Like putty in my hands Richard. lol

  • Wow well done Bobby. Bet its nice to see everything in stereo once again! You will be able to see the price tags on your wife's shopping again.. :P

    Bev x

  • Price tags? Do women's clothes have price tags on? I've never seen any! Mmmmm.

    Bobby xxx

  • Well this cheered me up a bit, was told at my app in eye hospital last week that I have a cataract and I am worried about the op, but you seem to have survived so there is hope for me. I am still frightened though.

  • Ex-blonde

    I am the world's biggest coward and nothing frightened me during the whole procedure. There is no pain at all. It can best be decribed as slightly uncomfortable at times. I will have the second one done in a few months and I will have no aprehension at having it done. You will be fine

    Love from Bobby xxx

  • Thanks Bobby its the thought of them coming at me with a needle to stick in my eye and I wont be able to look away. xx

  • You don't see any needles or anything. They put some drops in your eye and you can't see anything. I saw no needles or scalpels at all. It was so worrying I was talking about a pop concert with the pre-med guy.

    Bobby xxx

  • Thanks you are a gem and put my mind at rest. Bless you. xxx

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