feeling better, oh yea

i am feeling a lot better since i started the meals that the book told me to and the minerals it told me to use, if it does not cure me, it will make me well as hell, the book is how i cured my mothers emphysema, i paid 9.00 for it but you can go to cures for emphysema and most of the book is there so you can get it for free,. hope you all feel good...

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  • It cannot be cured, just managed.

  • if you are saying that you are not bad yet, even my doctor said if it does not cure it will make feel alot better, he said some foods makes your body swell up so you cant breath. all i am saying is look it up and stop waiting for the doctor to say they have a cure

  • What idiot gave you the idea emphysema can be cured, as Lynne rightly says, it can be managed, but in the end it's terminal, unless something else gets you first, the only real hope is a transplant !!!!

  • do you have something better than giving up

  • Hi latingirlshyp read some of the book, how are the meals ect, I haven't started yet



  • really good you can get a lot of recipes on the internet, he said you can cheat once a week, so i got a slice pizza and took a bight , i thought i wood miss it but i dont. istead of potatoes in soup i use spanish banana really good, i you coliflower to make it like rice really good,

  • There may be a cure in the future by using your own adult stem cells from your bone marrow.It works on mice.

    Apparent they do it in Germany and Mexico for human lungs but I'm not convinced of the cure as yet.

  • cant wait, sooner or later we will find a cure

  • thank you interesting to see that oestrogen slows the rate of decline in females of FEV 1 had been on it but came off it in hospital asked docs about going back on and they had no opinion so with all medications thought I would not bother but going back on it again tomorrow - thanks - the stem cell stuff I had heard of before some of it anyway and some looks hopeful maybe - thanks for links xx

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