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Mobility Scooters - New rules needed!

Just popped in and see that the subject of mobility scooters has been popping up. I don't personally use one, but know they give a great deal of independence and freedom to those who benefit from them. With them becoming more commonplace and models becoming quicker and easier to operate feel that new safety rules need to be introduced to protect those who use them, and those people who are around them (me and you on the streets). Time and time again I see them misused and others suffer. Today was such an example I saw a gentleman speeding up the middle of a side street dragging along his dog obliviousness to his speed, the cars around him and his dog struggling to keep up. I am not up for banning people walking their dogs whilst using mobility scooters, lots of disabled people would otherwise be denied enjoying their much loved pets. What I believe should happen now is that like cars or motorbikes all scooters should carry an identifying plate. And laws introduced to manage speed. After all if you owned a moped you would not be allowed to speed through your local high town so why should a mobility scooter be allowed too? I also think that a public liability insurance should be a must and not a suggestion, even to the most sensible of users, there is always a risk of accident and it is better to be protected.

If the man I saw today behaving inconsiderately with his dog being dragged along behind him on his mobility scooter had an identifying plate and laws were in place I could have reported him and hopefully stopped his dog from getting further abused, as it is this mad man will continue to drive badly at speed down the the middle of roads towing his poor dog and I am powerless.

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Any vehicle being misused and without due respect to the general is unacceptable, not only mobility scooters. Anyone who has a mobility scooter, and turning a corner, needs to be careful that somebody isn't coming around the corner. As for dogs on leads, annoying if the dog is on a long lead, and certainly if the scooter is going too fast for the dog. In this case, the scooter is certainly going too fast in a pedestrian area.


Scooters have a maximum speed of 8mph for pavement scooters.

Class 3 road legal 12 mph these are also licensed with the DVLA. (Free)

Maximum on pavements is 4 mph for all types,

All scooters are fitted with speed limiters.

Which for reasons only known to the users, is never used.

Shopping malls should inpose limits , or be liable as indeed scooter use are.

As normal,,its the muppets who cause the hassel be it in cars,,vans,,bikes,,,,any mode of transport..Has those who flout the rules and cause havoc,, a test should used,,and enforced.,,, i also reckon they they should,,bring back the death penalty,,before this country goes totaly insane...

Also reporting to RSPCA and to local council if they don't poop scoop.

If you spot this person regularly I would still report him, a description of him, his dog, the location and scooter to the police would probably be enough.

I do hate people who dont poop scoop


Is that a new dance - like the Twist ? :O

you do need to get down low to do it :d


I've still not got over the Shake and Vac... :O

My scooter has a speed limit of 4mph so no chance I could race around anywhere.

I have question, can you take a scooter inside a mall or grocer, I got mine ,but not sure

Can't race round here on one too many cars parked half on pavement. Also on dustbin day you have no change, I gave up and gave mine away.

polly xx

There is a Highway Code for Mobility Scooters (and Electric Wheelchairs) available from BHTA. In short, it is against the law to drive faster than 4 mph on the pavement or in a pedestrian controlled area AND Pedestrian's always have the right of way! I try to take great care with mine not to be a menace to others. :-)


BHTA = British Healthcare Traders Association.

I used to work opposite Wickford police station and every day a gentleman used to come along the pavement on his Mobility Scooter as fast as it would go, and as he neared the police station, he would slow right down until he was past, then he would speed up again. We used to watch out for him, as he always put a smile on our faces. (He was always considerate and slowed down if their were pedestrians though) :)

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