This Ought To Make Grandpas Feel All Warm and Fuzzy..................This is a must read

This Ought To Make Grandpas Feel All Warm And Fuzzy

A six-year-old goes the hospital with her mother to visit her Grandpa.When they get to the hospital, she runs ahead of her mother and bursts into her Granpa's room,''Grandpa,Grandpa,'' she says excitedly,''as soon as my mother comes into the room,make a noise like a frog!''

''What?'' said her Grandpa

''Make a noise like a frog because my mum said that as soon as you croak,we're all going to Disney World,''



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19 Replies

  • Bags are packed, ready :)

  • Scrobbitty you are deliciously mad ;-)

  • Disney World! You are already in a world of your own Hee HEE

  • OMG out of the mouths..........

  • Yeah, kids get us into some pretty tight spots.... but posting up their baby photos on facebook .... well, that's payback ! :)

  • :) :) :D

  • Guilty as charged :)

  • Ha ha ha I loved it!


  • LOL love it King can we have one for grandmas now :D


  • You've asked for it

  • Hilarious made me laugh, hope your feeling better today. Julie x

  • Hi Julie.Feeling a lot better now thak you

  • That's brilliant, brought a smile to my auld crabbit face. Lol M.

  • As they say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you have a beautiful face.

  • Never heard a frog croak, but then I haven't seen frogs for years. Does any one recall frogspawn?

  • Oh yes ........ we had a huge pond in the garden and loved the frogspawn, watching them grow and change it was wonderful.

    I kissed a few hoping for the handsome prince ................... waiting !

  • I am here!!!

  • Tadpoles!

  • Heheheheheheh :O

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