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Thanks to people who buoyed me up recently!


My husband has just started his PR course at Wareham hospital, the ladies who lead it are wonderful, they have actually made him think there may be life in the future after all...and oh boy they have lifted ME too just watching them all. Him indoors has actually done one exercise so far and is walking each day too.....more will come on this his second week at home I am sure!

Not sure if I am doing this correctly but hope people can read it!!

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Good news for you both. Hope things keep going from strength to strength. Cheers Joyce

We can read it fine. The pr course is invaluable, enjoy it. It gets you moving more and meeting likewise people. Take care x


I am really glad things are moving on for you after your rough time. It sounds as if he will make a go of it. Best wishes for the future sweetheart.

Love from Bobby xx


Lovely to hear how well you are both doing, and to read such a positive post too. I am so pleased for you both. I think PR is brilliant and you constantly here of the benefits for not just sufferers but there loved ones too. I wish every one had access to it. Love Julie x x x


I know how you feel - when my husband did his PR course about 2 years ago, it felt like we could have a life again! Good Luck TAD xx (PS not sure if you want to do this, but if I have time to encourage my husband to exercise at home, I do the excercises with him!!!)

The magical PR course shines once again.



Thank you all. With no family of my own I sometimes feel a bit lonely on this COPD road but I think I have friends now that are on the same path! Here we go!!! xx

I am booked in for PR assessment at Alderney Hospital next month, a little apprehensive but also excited. I so hope I am eligible to join a course because I really believe it will make such a difference to my quality of life, and there has been so many postive posts on here that I can't wait.

Worried-wife, I hope hubby ( and you! ) continue to enjoy and benefit from his PR and please keep us up to date on how its going.

Good luck xx

I certainly will do. On the first session there were 8 worried people who didn't really believe anything could help them. They left after two hours with smiles and saying "See you next week" so I am sure you too will feel benefit. One man said he didn't think anything could help him and he didn't even turn up this week, shame as he might have stopped another person who could have benefitted from coming!! Us 'carers' get information too so if you have one take them along. xx

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