is this true ?

i take seretide 500 for my copd and it may be wrong information or i am reading it wrong but i have looked on one web site that says after some time your gp may take you off this med but dont say why.

Has seretide 500 (apart from cramp sometimes) seems to work for me at the moment why would your gp take you off this med would it be to do with the cost i wonder or is it just not true, has anyone ever heard of this.

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  • Hi, good question, looking forward to the replies music. I'm in for my annual respiratory nurse check next week so I'll ask - I take Seritide 250 and double it when unwell. P

  • thanks peeg i grew up near your way garret lane nice estate called henry prince lol

  • I must have pased this many times on my bike rides to work & back :)

  • I think the only reason they would take it off you is if isn't working anymore. Then they would find you an alternative like symbicort.

  • It could be financial. I have read NICE guidelines telling prescribers to switch everyone from Seretide to Flutiform due to the cost.

    The corticosteroid component of both sprays is the same but the long acting beta agonist is different, and I personally find that Flutiform smells odd and leaves an aftertaste whereas Seretide didn't.

    Other reasons for taking people off could of course be purely medical, but I don't personally know about that.


  • PS just realised Flutiform is not prescribed for COPD, only asthma. This means that my post above will not apply to you as you state you have COPD. I didn't delete it though because it is relevant for asthma sufferers,

    Seretide is prescribed for both conditions.

    Best wishes

  • I was first prescribed Seratide 500 at hospital over 2 years ago and still take it. Maybe ask GP or nurse to put your mind at rest. Joyce

  • I always say to be careful about what you read on the Internet. Some sites are heavily biased to the manufacturer of one drug or another ;)

    Speak to the BLF helpline if you nee guidance.

  • Good advice Gordon, as usual

    Regards, Bobby

  • hi music im on seritide 500 been on sinc feb ,but thers 2 new 1s come out suppose be better,there seebri and eklira genuair.ive rung gps nurse up and asked her bout them.yes there new out,so she made me an appontment for end may ,there suppose be better,so be a good thing im copd moderate ,ive had lot cramp dont no if its the seritide or not/but never had cramp be four,i think the surgery should keep us up 2 date with new things as i told her bout seebri an she said oh yes i no and thers genuair as well which is new/well if there better al try them i told her .u would think they were payin out of there own poket half of the time attitudes with sum need to change,

  • lol thats so true coroll and when you ask them someting mine raises his eyes and makes me feel a pest just asking him something

    if he would have sent me for a lung test when i first complained about being breathles 3 years ago i would have started looking after myself better and excercising then.

    and so my lung funtion may have been a bit higher then what it is now.

    thanks for info

  • true and if my ex gp had not ignored my may 2012 xray which he said was fine /I would have stopped my 5 day cigs there an then,

  • Hi music, if you check para 4.4 (special warning and precautions) on link below you may get an idea about cautions and procedures using this drug:

    There is a paragraph about 'Prolonged treatment of patients with high doses'

    This site is the one my respiratory nurse advises patients to check with regarding drugs prescribed and their side affects etc. Hope it helps.

  • thanks very much for this info blakey your very helpfull..many thanks

  • I have been taking seritide 500 twice a day for the past 12 years with no breaks!!!

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