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Alendronic acid

Evening everyone

I had to start taking Alendronic acid yesterday, so I did as instructed full glass of water first thing and I chose to stand for half an hour. Anyway carried on pumps, exercise breakfast, later I felt like my stomach had been pumped full of air and it was like it all day. Anyone else experience this, also does not eating affect anyone's breathing, I assume because of low sugar.

Kim xxxxx

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Hi Kimmy, You do not need to stand for half an hour for this you can sit as long as you are sitting up and do not lay down. I think it does take some people time to get used to them. I made the mistake once of taking it with fizzy water instead of plain water and felt as if my throat was on fire for ages and had trouble swallowing. It might be worth next time you have to take it leaving exercises till later on in the day and see if that helps at all. Hope this helps Julie x x

I took mine with fizzy water once by mistake...never again!

Try not to bend over either for half an hour....do the "bunny club dip" if you drop anything....very fetching.

Hi KIm, you don't have to stand after taking it, you can sit. I used to take it but can't say it ever caused me any problems. Have a look at the instruction leaflet to see what side effects may be. I now have a yearly intravenous dose of zolendronic acid at hospital instead (takes about half an hour) with large dose Vit D capsules taken once a month. I have had a couple of scans in the last 5 or 6 years that show there is no worsening of the osteporosis, so the medication is well worth it. I wouldn't even know I had it (mod/severe,apparently!) but don't want to find out by falling over and my bones crumbling!

I find not eating makes my breathing better! But not recommended! Libby

Av Not Heard Of That .... But Have Been Reading More About These Fluid E Cigarettes Defo A No No .... There A Lot There Hiding From Us So Hope You Not Smoking Any Of Them As A Feel It Will Make Your Bone Conditions Worse

All The Best

Hello everyone

Thanks for the replies.

I know I can sit but I thought I might slouch so went for the standing option, I've been on Vit D two capsules once a week for two months, got another month then reduce to one. Hopefully your right and I'll get used to it, and dazisnotsgood I've been a good girl not smoked since Dec 2011.

Kim xxxxx

Good We Need To Preserve Or Health In A Appropriate Manner ... :)

Cheers All The Best :)

At dazisnotsogood...what about the ecigs?? Ive stopped smoking them for ten weeks using these..what am I missing.. have COPD early stage?

Very Bad For You The Fluid One's ... Well Unless You Want To Embalm Your Self With Them ... Search BLF Website E Cigarettes You Will See Post's Links

Cheers All The Best :)

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Oh dear...and I thort id sorted stopping smoking best way I could! Thankyou

Hi, you'd be best asking about e cigs as a separate question to the forum as there are lots of different views on them. Basically, no-one knows if they are bad for you or not, if they had been found to be bad for you they would have been banned but haven't been as yet. Ask it as a separate question and you will get more input from others. Libby

Ok thankyou both..I wil do

Hi, I have been on Alendronic acid for about 12 months. I take it then sit and wait for half an hour sipping on water. No problems fortunately.

I've been on the dreaded AA for over 12 months now....it makes me feel slightly sicky all day :( I take it first thing then sit up for an hour before I take the rest of my meds...and then breakfast!

I was on it for a year or two but developed severe tummy cramps and bowel incontinence, after barium enenma's and camera since I have a prvious history of Breast cancer they stopped the Adrendonic acid symptoms disappeared, they do think the bowel incontinance was due to a food senistivity but tummy cramp is a known and common side effect. I have since taken Protelos for my Osteoporosis it had just passed the Nice guidlines at the time and there were only 2 of us on it in my town.. I have never had any problems since and you don't have to take it standing up

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