Todays exercise routine :)

jumped out of bed with a spring in my step...........yeah right that's only in my dreams :)

skipped down the stairs.......I wish.

stumbled eyes wide shut about 10 paces to kitchen........that's more like it

made coffee then skipped into living room........ the made coffee bit is true :)

Ran to answer the front door when the bell rang........well the dog did

and all before I had any sucks...........on the meds you dirty minded lot :)

The days not over yet so maybe I might do a bit more later :)

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  • We know what you meant ann1webb - and yes all in your dreams !!

    Lib x

  • We can all dream - listen to wonderful musicand imagine I am skating to it.

  • One fine day in the middle of the night two dead men got up to fight drew their swords and shot each other in my dreams more like.

  • I got up - worn out and exhausted from reading this blog - going back to bed - yawn

  • Jan I was so shattered all the exercise typing it that I nearly went back to bed :)

  • Dream,dream,dream dream,dream,dreanm when you...................

  • Other than kitchen, coffee, loo any other reason to move about in an energetic fashion?

    NO ! :)

  • I've never been energetic in my life suprised I can even spell the word :) I tell a lie there, I ran away from a mouse once.......well it was sitting in my oven at the time....scared the hell out of me, no idea why I opened the oven door when I did, but both me and the mouse both wished I hadn't :)

    Ann x

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