Still sad!

I am still searching for my full sense of humour it seems to have disappeared somewhat and this can probably explain it.

There has got to be a PM and Inquest for my friend due to the fact she was on a drugs trial when she died and they have to find out whether that was a contributing factor to her death. I feel really sorry for her family because they cannot organise the funeral or anything yet.

I also feel very sorry for myself, I know this is selfish but this last week has been really stressful because every time the doorbell goes I hope it is her, this is stupid I know but I still can't believe it and I think this may be because I wasn't allowed to visit her when she was in hospital because she was so ill. I am also suffering with my pollen allergies at the moment which always brings me down.

So sorry for being miserable and the me, me, me post but I will be back I promise :)


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  • Don't apologise, none needed, you're still you and we appreciate you :)

  • Hi Jan, I'm sorry you're going through such a bad time, I wish I could say something to make you feel better. Libby

  • Be here warts and all because we are friends :-)

  • How can you be anything else but upset ,i always find writing things down helps and that s what you have done xxx

  • Oh, I feel so sorry for you! The pollen allergies are enough to make you feel miserable without all your grief. Perhaps you could visit the doc and see if there is anything new available on prescription for allergies? Be kind to yourself and look after yourself. With much love and kind thoughts TAD xx

  • I am holding you in my heart.

  • Scrobbitty, ( I love that name ), has it right, no apology needed and you've come to the right place as you know. We're here for you as always, when we feel so bad we ache we come here and when we feel a bit better we come here too.

    It will get better, it eases but until it does come and lean on us, your friends.


  • Look at it this way Jan. You can't help your friend any more, only by remembering her with affection. But you have helped many on here with your funny blogs (me included) and the sooner you get back in action the better. So, I am searching everywhere for your sense of humour. Nope it's not under the fridge, or the cooker.I'd better check the outhouse.

    Love, as always, Bobby xxxxx

  • I am so sorry for you Janet, it is horrible when you are left in limbo, and sometimes everyone rallies to support the family as their grief is so obvious, and friends can be overlooked. You are bound to have put that sense of humour away for a little while, as you have had a shock at loosing your friend. It really is not selfish to feel sorry for yourself, you are allowed to grieve for your loss of a friend. It shows how much she meant to you. And when things are more settled I am sure you will find where you stored that sense of humour.

    Love from Anna xx

  • You are going through what sounds like a terrible sadness, your very best friend just not popping in anymore. You feel sorry for yourself why shouldn't you.

    Lib x

  • As Others Have Said ... And What More Can A Say Thats Not Already Been Said So Sorry To Hear About Your Friend ... Heart Go's Out To You Both

    All The Best Daz

  • I agree, of course you are overwhelmed with the sadness of it all but keep on talking it will help and everyone on here will understand and support you.

    polly xx

  • Look after yourself Jan. everyone will support you on here.

    Lynne xx

  • ((((((Jan)))))) Hugs and love and understanding abound on here Jan, and well you know it. Who else can you turn to at a time like this, but your friends. We all know how much your friend meant to you, and how much you're hurting right now .... and you know it'll keep on hurting, but you'll learn to live with that pain. You mump and moan, get it all out your system.... We'll listen

    Take care Jan,

    Sandra x x

  • Don't feel you have any need to apologise Janet, You are grieving & that needs no apology, you must come & talk when ever you feel the need, we are all here, happy to listen & empathise with you, I lost my friend last month & understand how hard it is coming to terms with it all.

    Give yourself time & permission to grieve

    Love as always



  • You keep sharing your feelings with us Jan, let us care for you for a change.

    I ditto everything everyone else says. You take care of yourself XxxxxxX P

  • Please try and think of your friend in the good times and not when she was ill. It is so hard but I am sure your friend would prefer it that way. You are bound to feel sad and talking about it with friends is the best thing you can do. Wishing you well xxx Joyce

  • Dear Jan, thinking of you and sending out lots of good wishes and love. It must be such a hard time for you now and all the complications don't help either. Hearfelt thoughts to your friends family too. Stay strong and hear from you soon. xxxx

  • Hi Jan keep your pecker up do u have a garden if u do go or get someone to take you to a garden nursery at this time of the year it really does cheer you up and if u have a garden u can plant a rose bush etc that comes back every year thats what i have done let me know take care yvonne

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