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Has anyone TWO concentrators?

We have been for my husband's oxygen assessment today he used to be on '7' on the concentrator, as his sats have not improved he will now be on '10'. This means that we will have to have two electric concentrators and he needs to use a mask most of the time.

Not the news we wanted to hear but they will now refer us to the Respiratory team and follow up on getting us palliative care.

At least we have had better weather and my husband has been able to get out into the garden with the help of a long tube.

Look forward to other peoples' comments.


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Hello Jean

I have 2 concentrators and am on 15, this means each one is set for 7.5 for me. He will have to wear a mask because the flow is too fast and powerful for the nasal specs and your nose to take. I am on a long tube and can get to the garden, also have portable liquid oxygen tanks that mean I can actually leave the house. I have 3 hours of portable oxygen. I have been lucky enough to get the same set up I have at home in my touring caravan which is parked for the season 2 hours away. With improved sats he should feel better and may be able to move around more. Please pm me if you need any more info




Hello Tina

Thanks for your message. We have been told that my husband cannot have liquid oxygen because it only goes up to 6. We did ask today.

When we go out we take portable cylinders but they do not last long and we put it on the back of the wheelchair.

When we went on holiday we did have a portable concentrator which we used when we went away in the touring caravan.

It is difficult to go on holiday now, I know that we can arrange to have a concentrator fixed up where we are staying but it is more difficult in the daytime.

regards Jean


Hi Jean

I have a liquid oxygen tank that goes up to 15. It is called a Companion 1000T and at 10, 1 tank would last just over an hour. I have 3 and they were all given to me. I have not had to pay for them so ask again. It really is possible. The portable concentrator is not much good for the higher flow and it is pulsed not constant, so probably would not help with your husband now he needs more. But just to get out for a couple of hours can make you feel better.

regards Tina


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