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I first met Mick at my local Breathe Easy, he was suffering with multiple problems of mobility and breathing difficulty's and even though he was wheelchair bound he exercised to the best of his abilities.

Mick used to really enjoy his time at Breathe Easy and his humor was alway's present. His favorite comment, was in the warm up when you turned your head to one side, 'you've not washed your neck again' as he could see the tide mark. You new it was coming but thats what made it funny.

He would sing away to the music if it was a tune he new and I used to have good chats with him about our local football team, Hereford utd. Poor Mick, he was sound of mind but his body was failing. His time at Breathe Easy was good for him as he used to say the home where he was cared for was full of people who's mind had gone and conversation was very limited.

Well Mick died just over a week ago now and was buried yesterday,he will be missed by all of us at Malvern Breathe Easy but not forgotten.

R I P Mick.

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He obviously enjoyed his times at Malvern Breathe Easy.That is what Breathe Easy groups are about FRIENDSHIP.Another character departed who will never be erased from memories.

God bless him

Our biological bodies may not last forever, but the memories and the gentle humour of good, kind people live on :)

A day for remembering and not sorrow x


So true scrobbitty.That was great he joined your group,& obivously enjoyed his friendships there,you gave him quality of life Dall,chatting about the footy etc.We can all do our bit,with a kind word or smile to others,does not cost anything,but can mean a lot to someone having a hard day etc. Cheers Wendells xx

*nods her head in agreement with Wendells*

Sorry to hear this sad news dall :(


Mick will be what I call an unforgettable person. I know people around Royston like that. There one minute then they disappear. Sad -- ;ove Annie80x

Real characters are getting so few nowadays, Mick sounded a character, I love people like that.

Lib x


Thanks for putting that up. It's nice when people are remembered for what they were and not what they had. He certainly sounds one of life's characters. Bob

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