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Help on living with COPD

my husband just been diagnosed with CPOD, he had not smoked for last 4 years, but was a heavy smoker for over 40 years, we live in middle east and away from family, I am heartbroken as both my parents had this illness and deceased,

I am so confused with reading everything on internet, my head is minced! my heart is breaking, I am angry, confused, upset and not sleeping, but know my husband is suffering also, I trying to hide my feelings and be strong for him, he is a stubborn man!

just would like to hear peoples stories and what they have done to slow it down, and guidelines he is a very fit 58 year old, healthy heart, we eat good, maybe a stone over weight

but nothing to worry about, he has had so many blood tests and scans this last few weeks that we know he is healthy apart form this illness, look forward to hearing from you, x

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Give the BLF nurses a call, their number right now escapes me (well, it is 4am in the UK right now) and they will be able to put your mind at rest and answer all your questions.


Hi libbymackaymenzie. The BLF helpline is 03000 030 555.

I'm 63. Diagnosed 2 years ago with very severe emphysema. How bad is your husband ?

Don't believe everything you read on the internet A lot of us did this to start with and scared ourselves. I'm quite active. Apart from the COPD i am ok. I do most normal things but have to take my time doing them as I get out of breath. I still do the same part-time job I did before being diagnosed. Some people on here have had it for 20 years. Giving up smoking is the first thing, then the lungs will only get worse through age as normal. The Second thing is is exercise.Try and get on a Pulmonary Rehab course. I expect some more people will tell you their experiences later.


Keep active. Find something that he, or perhaps both of you enjoy doing, and do it.

Accept that he needs to be as healthy as he can be for the rest of his life. It is difficult to restore lung function but i have gone from a 'severe' diagnosis back to 'moderate'

Also, help him manage his medical problems with his doctors/nurses. Have a plan and know what to do and when to do it. also how to recognise when things may be going out of control, and what to do......thinking about emergency meds?

Lastly, don't trawl the internet too much. Stick mainly with blf, better quality advice

Wondering where in the middle east? Warm climate usually good. A hot cliate, or altitude may not help.

Enjoy your day


The first thing I discovered was that the internet does not always tell the truth, second the sites in USA tend to be unmonitored and are full of amateur doctors, thirdly they offer advice that can be really frightening but necessarily true.

I suffered with panic attacks because of things they said would affect me, once its in you mind it's hard to get rid of. So even thinking about certain thing would result panic setting in. It took some outside help to stop them.

This site offers sensible advice and a place you can usually find the answers.

A diagnoses is not the end, just a warning to do something about it.


My husband was diagnosed about 8 years ago (more or less same age as your husband) - it hasn't got a whole lot worse - though he has got older and some of his decline is just old age! (Don't tell him I said that!) My advise would be to ring the helpline and hear it from the professionals, they will have to good advise.

This is not the death sentence some of the sites on the internet would have you believe. We just adapted our life - we don't go as quickly as we used to - but we have a great time. The one big problem is the "fear" of catching a cold or getting flu - that can make COPD very much worse and COPD sufferers are much more vulnerable - I am guessing that might not be such a problem in the middle East?

I think you need to make sure he is on the right medications, stays fit (so important) and you can continue to live life and enjoy it just as much as ever.

Good Luck. TAD xxx


Hi there

I was DX April 4 this year I was informed by the lovely people here that I should not believe everything I read on the Internet and they have given me fantastic Information and that I can live a good long life with COPD and I am very happy x


hello all, thank you for your support, not been able to speak to anyone at blf yet, can you advise if they are closed today?

Kevi it is Oman we live in very dusty and dry climate=, but leaving soon,

my husband seems to have taken a turn for the worst, I am out off my mind with worry!! he had a nose bleed today at work, is this normal?? he and to come home and go to his bed, no strength and very very wheezy, I just want to speak to someone :0(


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