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Interesting piece about Robert Peston who lost his wife to lung cancer

BBC Business editor Robert Peston was featured in a number of newspapers this morning describing how he transcribed his wife Sian Busby's final novel after she passed away from lung cancer last year - you can read part of his highly moving account here, the full article is in this week's Radio Times:

Robert is doing a fantastic job of raising awareness of the underfunded cancer.

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I read an article in the Times - wouldn't mind getting the book on Kindle. He was on breakfast tv this am.


Oh was he? We watched his piece on the One Show a few weeks ago which was really good in talking about research in the cancer.

It's great to see he's able to turn his loss into something so positive.


Just read it, so very moving what a brave lady. Why did she have to be in such dreadful pain I thought pain didn't happen now.

Lib x


Some of the biggest medical charities are cancer researching so they cannot have as little spent on research as copd, been less well funded and lower profile comes with smoking related illness.


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