Exercise and Willpower

I woke up this morning and said to myself, "I'll think i'll take it easy today.....no exercise bike or dreadmill (LOL), just sit back and take in the sunshine (clear blue skies!) and read the newspaper. But it was not to be, after my morning coffee my alter ego kicked in and it was back to walking the boards. It is really true that with exercise the endorphins kick in and a good from being a bit lacklustre to feel more alive and willing to tackle almost anything - except the plethora of weeds in the garden - with the recent rains they have flourished! Maybe tomorrow!! Stay well Martin

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  • yes this is true about exercise but when i dont do it i dont worry because the garden is so big im always working in it so to me thats good excercise

  • Later in the morning we took ourselves of to the Brisbane bayside suburb of Manly/Wynnum. The sky was still blue and the sun was shining and the water was like a millpond, the only disturbance be a flock of pelicans diving for food, or the odd fisher"person" casting for their lunch. The bay acts as a magnet for families on a sunny weekend and this was no different. We walked alond the esplanade enjoying the activity and finally, at luchtime decided that good old fish and chips was the order of the day. Although there was some wait to get our food, it was fresh and wholesome (so far as fish n chips can be wholesome LOL. The the short tri[ home and and afternoon snooze. Stay well Martin

  • Go on,rub it in.You wait 'till it is 30degrees here,we will get our own back!

  • Sounds heavenly thank you for sharing. I have just come back from church walked there and back a bit cold and overcast but not so bad. Brunch was good and i am going to make scones latter.

    Best wishes Nanaeal

  • It sounds lie a lovely day Martin. Here, this morning is dull but dry. We are off to the gym, and lie you it's not something I feel much like doing today, but I will. Then there's a bit to be done at the allotment followed by ironing.

    Roast chicken dinner later. Don't think there will be much sitting down time somehow!

    Lynne xx

  • It's sunny here today and my 2 children want me to go on a bike ride today! Haven't been on my bike for over 10yrs so not sure how far il get but going to give it a go!

  • The rains went off the sun is trying to shine here in Scotland don't hold out much hope of it lasting ! Lol going out with family later for Sunday dinner horay no cooking today enjoy your Sunday !!! :-)

  • The sun is keeps appearing in Shropshire today but still very cold. My little granddaughter is a sunflower in the May Day parade so hope it warms up for next weekend.

    Lib x

  • It,s wild & wind here in Wales, spent morning playing with 3yr old granddaughter so thats my exercise for the next few days done :D

    enjoy the rest of your day/evening

    Karen xxx

  • And here in Wimbledon it's flipping freezing (well, quite cold) but bright. Coat n scarf on in a mo to drag the dog around the park a few times. Then a little weeding? Maybe or maybe a cup of warming tea.

    Have a good afternoon wherever you are. :-) P

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