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Smoking with a lung condition webinar


Hi Everyone

We are hosting a members webinar on smoking with a lung condition this evening. As always, we will post the recording of the event up here for you all and I was wondering if any of you had any questions you would like us to ask our speaker at the end of the presentation?

We can't promise to ask all your questions but we'll do our best!



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I would like to know if the three times faster deterioration in lung condition is truth or myth please.

Dorlock in reply to Dorlock

oops thar was three times faster for smokers with COPD than the ones who stop smoking

I have conflicting reports that emphysema does and doesn't get worse/progressive after giving up smoking except for the general wear and tear of getting old. Does anyone really know or is it just down to the individual ?

Great question puff and this is what i have always wanted to know well ever since i have been told i have emphysema has i am reading so many diferant things on this

Two great questions so far.

Keep them coming!

i think they are the two main questions for a lot of people but i do belive deterioration of the lungs would be a lot faster in a smoker but would love to know the answer to puffs question if there is one

Would being an on off smoker be detrimental to symptoms I am being investigated now for.

I have smoked most of my life, have had many attempts to give up, one attempt lasted 6 years another 3 years, many of 6 months to 1 year.

I was wondering if this could have started problems now. I am a 60 year old female. I gave up smoking again last year before symptoms began.


Are e-cigarettes a positive contribution in smoking cessation ?

Thank you for the opportunity provided at such a meeting with many key issues regarding all lung conditions a full programme is guaranteed.

Having smoked 40 a day for 35+ years.

When diagnosed I gave up straight away, that was the easy bit for me.

Staying off is another matter.

I know I feel better when not smoking, but is it worth the severe mood swings and depression attacks.

The depression is far worse than the smoking for me, as it means less sleep and more fatigue.


Stopping smoking is easy could do that 7 times a week staying off them when gasping for a smoke there are still times when I want a smoke more than anything any advice that keeps me from been a silly boy.

Thanks for your questions. We'll post the recording up on here for you all asap


A Can't Understand Why I Can Still Smoke ... But Environmental Pollution Has More A Direct Effect On My Breathing And Lungs ?

As Stress And Anxiety A Part In Effects Of Environmental Pollution :O

I will be really interested to hear that.

Lynne xx



1. Does increased time as a non smoker have an increased beneficial effect on rate of deterioration of lung disease eg COPD

ie after giving up for three years, and all other things being equal, should the positive effect be greater than after 1 year cessation?

2. Is there a genetic component to susceptibility to lung damage as a result of smoking ... I refer to COPD here( as I understand, I think? that the link with genetic tendency to lung cancer is established )


My Gp told me that smoking increases the rate at which COPD deteriorates. My practice nurse also said that smokers get more chest infections and these repeated chest infections also speed up the deterioration. I also think they both said the damage done to date is irreversible but stopping smoking would reduce the speed at which the illness progresses. My problem is that each time I try to stop smoking I gain weight, so go back to cigarettes to try and control the weight. I just can't seem to make any headway, the smoking damages my lungs and the weight gain damages my joints. It's so hard to stay positive and active when you can't breathe and everything hurts when you walk.

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Defo Right About Chest Infections ... I To Have Found When I Give Up A Put Weight On And Still Have Trouble Breathing Because Of The Extra Weight

Talk About Having Your Cake And Not Being Able To Eat It :(

Hi Guys

As promised we have uploaded a recording of last nights event.

I have started a new thread for it here

so shall we move the discussion over there?

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