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Weepy morning!

Just every now and again I let things get on top of me and I think the bloody awful silly few days I have had have caught up with me.

I woke this morning wheezing like mad and tears running down my face and that horrible feeling of being a waste of space and so damn lonely. I doubled up my meds at least those I can had a couple of cups of coffee, cuddled the cats and wondered where the hell I go from here.

So in this mood I put on my computer ready to post a real blah of a post not only on here but on FB and by gosh can I do the hard luck stories when I am feeling low.


I decided to read through the Blogs to gauge todays mood of my friends before bringing them down to my level when instead of that I smiled, laughed and tutted and now I am on my way up :D Still feeling a bit teary and my head is aching from the extra drugs but hey I AM ALIVE so what the hell of I got to moan about.



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Sorry hear you were really down,

and I'm glad you feel a bit better,

so it's you who was soaking my windows this morning,

there's me thinking it's Just the damn weather.

keep yet chin up chuck you know we're all here if you need us. :)


Thanks must go to this BLF site for the support it gives to everybody. Big hugs, jandan x


Hey Janet glad you're feeling better. There's not a better place to come when we're down than here, knowledgable, humorous and above all caring and supportive, good decision.

Good luck chris


Your not alone you have got us,(Not the same as some one to talk to I know) but we are all here for you. How are the cats? what type are they and what are they called? Did you get your cat cage/delivery problem sorted out? I do hope so. From one mad dog/cat lover to another cat Lover I send my love and very best wishes Julie xxxxxxx


Oh dear jandan I sometimes get the feeling of being a waste of space but it goes dosn't it, and the sun comes out like it has just at this very minute, good that this mornings blocks have made you smle, laugh and tut.

Lib x


Oh dear Jan,not a good start to the day,poor you.Never mind we have all been there,make yourself a nice cuppa,and put some uplifting music on,& think of something nice you can do for yourself today.Have you any funny DVDs etc. to watch?phone a friend? get out in the garden,weather permitting! I'm so glad you have your lovely cats,I'm sure they are a comfort to you.With saying all that,I do hope you are not coming down with anything,so take care,my friend.

Big hug to you,Wendells xxxx


Big hugs Jan, anyway it's your space so who cares if you want to waste it now and again. Feeling down is not always bad 'cos then we know when we're up. Have I mentioned Lala land recently, I'm sure that when I thought my comments they were witty, now not so sure. I always was a bit indecisive! I'll stop now begore the hole gets any bigger and you'll need a digger to fill it in on top of me :D


What a miserable way to wake up AND what a positive way to move forward! Good for you - glad you are feeling a bit better. Enjoy the day. lots of love TAD xx


I understand how you feel Jan, Being on your own is very hard sometimes. I have had a chest infection since easter and can't seem to get rid of it, it just drags you down and like you I wonder where I go from here. The up side is that eventually we can motivate ourselves to think positive and get on with stuff. Keep on keeping on and never be afraid to have a moan we all need it sometimes. xx


Hi Janet, I,m sorry you were sad when you woke & it,s not surprising after the few days you had! (hope your bum better :) ) But You,re right when you say this site always pulls us out of a nasty case of the glums.

Hope you still smiling & King will be along with you laughter meds soon eh :D

take care & spoil yourself a little

Karen xxx


HI Janet,,its not easy being ill when you live on your own..Even living with someone does not stop the boogyman of depression some days,,,,you are a amazing woman in my eyes..Take care keep well.. :)


Aw, sorry you were feeling down when you woke up. But in no way, shape or form are you a waste of space, and if your cats could talk, they'd tell you that! Everyone has the right to feel down occasionally. You've used up your quota for this week. :) So, turn that frown upside down - for the next 7 days anyway.... ;)

Your blogs make me laugh, cheer me up, and help to see things in a different light. You are an amazing and inspirational lady. Air Hugs coming your way x x x



I'm playing catch up after being a off for a few days, I'm sorry you felt so low and pleased that you feel brighter. There are so many lovely people here on the forum but don't forget about us here at the helpline too - we can offer free and confidential emotional support (via telephone or email). It can really help to talk to someone outside of the family /friend circle so please don't suffer alone. Give me a call, I can offer an empathetic ear and possibly some information if you prefer.....the number is 03000 030 555, we are here if you need us so please contact us. It would be lovely to talk to you one and all.



Sooo sorry to hear how low you are jandan, if it's any consolation I've had a of a day myself, not that that will help you but chin up tomorrow's another day!!

Liz x


Chin up jandan, sending much love x


Love to you Janet.Don't forget your daily tonic of humour to cheer yourself up.



Sorry to hear you have been feeling so down Janet. Really hope you are feeling better now. I love cats. If I had a big place I would have at least 6. Would love to be known as that mad cat woman!

Keep your pecker up love. Lots of hugsxxxx

Bev xx


Hope you are feeling a bit more on the up now Janet as your blogs have often cheered me up I can tell you. You do cope so well normally but things must get you down from time to time. I am also a cat lover, we have one, and I look after two other cats when son and daughter go away.

Thinking of you and sending lots of love and happy thoughts.



A little late but I too hope you are feeling better. x


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