lung cysts

After having an xray and that showing a soft tissue mass, i went on to have a CT scan which showed it to be a cyst on my right paratracheal stripe.

I have been getting numerous chest infections and seem to be permenantly on antibiotics. I am awaiting a hospital appointment. Does anyone know what they do with cysts and what would happen if it burst?

Many thanks

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  • Call the helpline 03000 030 555 10am -6pm Monday - Friday

  • All Depends Most Are Harmless And Don't Grow .... Some Call Them Cyst Others Call The Lung Nodles ..... But Think They Will Ct Scan You Again To See If It Grows ... Its Only Then Thay Will Consider Operation To Remove It Or Drain It

    Think You Might Be Worrying Prematurely And That Won't Help Antibiotics Infections And Colds .... Are A Pain But Are All Part Of Lung Conditions .... I Would Try Not To Read To Much Into Things

    But Like Others Have Said Email Or Give BLF A Call

    All The Best Hope That Helps :)

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