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Forgot to celebrate!

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I did my usual this morning and said White Rabbits 3 times as it was the first of the month! 🤷🏻‍♀️

Then I realized that the second anniversary of my AVR OHS had been and gone!

January 2021 came flooding back. It feels like years ago now not just two.

I’m back to looking after grandchildren when I’m needed. No 3 is imminent! I set out to do a task without wondering if I’m capable of it. My friends and family have stopped treating me like an invalid. I get greeted with - you look well - instead of the slight bend of the head and a low breathy - how are you? I look at the garden and plan how I’m going to tackle it when the weather here in Yorkshire allows!

Recovery from OHS is slow, painful and frustrating. I was constantly told not to overdo it. Arms above shoulder level, nothing heavier than half a kettle of water, no pulling and no pushing etc. So glad I did as I was told. Walking is my go to exercise and I must do more of that. At 69 I don’t do too baldly.

To everyone else out there who’s in recovery ❤️‍🩹 there is the other side. Your body will take its own sweet time but one day, like me today, you forget to remember!

Be kind to yourself

Maisie ♥️

32 Replies
Blue1958 profile image

Thank you for your positive post Maisie, it is very uplifting to hear such news at the start of the day and the start of a new month.

I hope you have many more years ahead of you in the arms of your loving family and friends.

Take care

in reply to Blue1958

Thank you for your kind words ❤️

Cat04 profile image

Thanks Maisie - at only 3 weeks today post OHS for AVR, LAAe closure and PVI ablation that makes a good read 😊😊😊. White rabbits!

in reply to Cat04

Just take one day at a time. An old adage but a good one.

You will have Spring ahead of you for R&R. One good thing about January OHS! As I was writing this post I heard the dawn chorus breaking out. It’s pouring down but the birds don’t mind. They still sing their little hearts out.

You will have challenging days but it gets easier. The support on here is wonderful. I couldn’t have done it without them all as we were in lockdown. Could see family or friends or even medical professionals. This WAS my lifeline. It’s good to be giving back. Ask anything and you will get sensible and thoughtful answers and support.

Take care

Maisie X

Flowerfanatic profile image

Happy 2 years. And yes you’re so right - nowadays I barely think about my AVR and the surgery (will be 2 years in May) and I remember you having yours, Maisie a few months beforehand. Can so relate to all you’ve written- especially thankful that people (mostly!) don’t treat you like an invalid anymore!! Here’s to life after surgery!

All best wishes, Sarah

in reply to Flowerfanatic

Thanks Sarah

Glad your recovery went well too!

Take care ❤️

080311 profile image

morning Maisie,

Loved your post, I remember vividly replying to you after surgery! Enjoy every moment that comes your way.

Best wishes Pauline xx

in reply to 080311


I don’t know what I’d have done without your kindness and experience. You were and still are a rock!

I remember the utter shock, the pain, the mental trauma and the worry that I’d never be the same again. Well! Here I am. New repaired me!

Take care and thanks as always.

Maisie ❤️

Coper10 profile image

Hi Maisie

I also did my version of white rabbits 😂. I am just behind you in that my 2 year anniversary of my AVR is the end of March. What a lovely start to the new month to see your post and the positivity that is so apparent. Keep enjoying your life!

in reply to Coper10

Thank you.

Happy 2nd anniversary to you in March too.


Chappychap profile image

Wonderful post!

Here's to the next two...then the twenty-two after that!

in reply to Chappychap

Thank you!

That will make me 91! I’ll go for it! Might have to have a TAVI or two on the way!

Maisie ❤️

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uzininemm profile image

Wonderful post, and good to hear about your recovery and positive outlook going forward.

Thought for sometime recovery from heart events shouldn't be rushed and one of the keys to getting better is having things to look forward to.

in reply to uzininemm

Fully agree!

It’s not to be rushed. I have the privilege of being retired. People who are in work often get pushed to go back too early. I often think what I would have done in their shoes.



Seal59 profile image

That is so lovely to hear 💕

Cee-Cee1 profile image

What a lovely story to read Maisie, before I start getting ready to trundle off to work. You've really brightened up my morning and reminded me to be thankful for my new found energy! It was the one year anniversary of my HA on the 10th January this year and it'll be one year since my triple by-pass on the 18th February - I sometimes forget that it happened at all. It's good to be reminded how blessed we really are. Congratulations on your anniversary and here's to many more to come. Thank you - Carol xox

in reply to Cee-Cee1

Hi Carol

So pleased your recovery went well too. It is a joy to feel well and repaired again.

Take care


Swalecliffe88 profile image

My 8th Anniversary coming up 😀😀🍾👏👏 And ohhh how I do feel like you sometimes when I do something that I couldn’t even think of doing back then. And oh the panic I felt when a change of medication brought back a hint of breathlessness and angina tightness. This is something the doctors can’t feel. When you have gone through what we have and can marvel at what we can now do and how well we feel. To have a hint of those old times again is just so frightening. Carry on celebrating the 31 Jan. you have travelled a long way 😀😀🍾🍾 But got there and like you say. To all of those out there on the same path, you too will get there but in your bodies own time👏👏 x

in reply to Swalecliffe88

Well said!

Once you’ve been on this journey you feel compelled to tell others that there is hope at the end. In the midst of it you feel helpless and exhausted. There is a light there. Just follow it, slowly!!

Take car


GWP1952 profile image

Many thanks for your positive post Maisie. Keeping positive really is a key part of recovery.

Anniversaries are there as reminders if we so wish. On a certain date in June I think about my surgeon and his team and give thanks. I do the same when I top-out on the mountains that I climb in Scotland and I often wonder whether I would have been able to do such things had I not opted for OHS. Well, that's a question I will never know the answer to. Something not to dwell on... just be thankful and onto the next mountain!

in reply to GWP1952

Next time you top, I’ll be there with you in spirit!


GWP1952 profile image
GWP1952 in reply to

Hopefully later this month if things go to plan.... just some 2,500ft tiddlers to the north of Perth. I am without a walking partner at the moment, so I'm leaving the Munros until the better weather.

Writerman profile image

An uplifting account Maisie. I am seven months into my recovery from OHS and knowing what lies ahead is very encouraging. Walking is my exercise too but a little restricted in distance at present. I’m a 76 year old male down here in Cambridge - at least it’s flat here.

I’m a determined optimist so I’m sure one day I’ll arrive at a similar fitness level again to that pre-op.

in reply to Writerman

You will.

Every step is a minor miracle.

Enjoy your walks. I often take photos on my phone as I walk and then get surprised how many steps and miles I’ve done.

Take care


Cee-Cee1 profile image
Cee-Cee1 in reply to

I have a series of those little individual Collins pocket-sized books on how to identify local wild flowers, fungi, leaves etc. I love my walks in the woods and these make them even more interesting (and I'm educating myself along the way too!😀). Time passes so quickly when I'm spotting different things that I don't realise how long I've been out until I get home and it's amazing how much knowledge stays with you when you're out in the fresh air. Think my brain must work a little better out there! 😅 Carol x

HHH2017 profile image

What a lovely, positive & encouraging message! So pleased you are well on the mend and back to doing lovely things with your family 🥰 Enjoy grandie No3 and keep spreading the joy x

in reply to HHH2017

Thank you for your kind words.

No 3 is being induced on Saturday . With so many of you on here responding to my post I’ll let you know when the precious bundle arrives safely. ❤️

Kind regards


ParrotLover22 profile image

What a great and inspiring Post. I feel exactly the same :). It will be 3 years in September since by Bypass and have never felt so well. Good on you!! :)

in reply to ParrotLover22

Thank you.

Glad to hear you are well now. What a journey we have all had.

Take care

Maisie ❤️

ParrotLover22 profile image
ParrotLover22 in reply to

You are more than welcome Maisie :) Yes I am. Hasn't been easy, never thought I would get here but I did. Keep up the good work :)

Saw this today and thought it would close this lovely chat nicely. X

Writing on pavement slabs in white chalk.

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