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Amlodipine headache


I started taking this on Saturday can anyone that takes it tell me do side effects go got a bad headache right now like a migraine type

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I used to be on it a long time ago and had horrible cramps in my legs at night. Was swapped over to Losarton which I am still on. BP is v high at the moment and my GP has put me on an increased dose of Bisoprol last wk, and this wk as is still high but not last wk’s rate she has put me back on Amlodipine. So am hoping I don’t get those vicious cramps back!

Perhaps we can monitor any side effects together!

I started on amlopidine a couple of years ago. After a few days I had to ask Doctor to change for something else as I was having serious headaches. Changed to Losartan with no problems.

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