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Opportunity to help shape NHS services

Hi everyone,

I wanted to share an exciting opportunity with you all - the BHF is currently looking for a Patient Voice Representative to help influence the NHS England Long Term Plan.

When NHS England announced its Long Term Plan, stroke and cardiac conditions were named as new national priorities. We hope this role will help make improvements to prevention, treatment and care for people living with heart and circulatory diseases.

We're looking for people affected by these conditions, who can:

- Use their patient and carer experiences to influence decisions, alongside Senior Directors and experts

- Keep discussions focused on what matters most to people affected by heart and circulatory conditions

- Comment on plans to implement improvements in cardiac care

The role is quite a big commitment, which we’d ask anyone who applies to bear in mind - but a great chance to make sure that the issues that matter most to everyone affected by these conditions are part of the conversation.

If you’d like to get involved:

Read our full role profile here: bit.ly/2XvHxlq

Complete our Expression of Interest form, explaining why you’d like to get involved and if there’s any support you’ll need from us to take on the role: bit.ly/2xCwSWM

If you have any questions about the role or would like any more information, please email heartvoices@bhf.org.uk or call 0207 554 0426.

Thanks all :)

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That is a massive commitment for someone, I hope you can fill the position soon. Regards Sheena


I will be putting myself forward next week as I am otherwise tied up. Previously I had suggested to my MP that the NHS had to be cross party and that I would be more than willing to contribute both the patient and carer's point of view.


I am interested to work as a volunteer but I live in Leicester. I am a professional manager and daily practice health, fitness and safety improvements and medical treatments. My knowledge of hospital treatments and management will be helpful in volunteering for nursing and caring duties for the NHS. What can you advise me ?


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