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The BHF would like your input on travel insurance, can you help?

Hi everyone,

I wanted to run something by you! The BHF is exploring the potential for a new service which could help solve some of the problems faced by people affected by heart and circulatory disease when trying to get insurance for travel abroad.

We’d really value your input. If you’d like to help, please click the link below to complete our short survey. This should take less than 15 minutes to complete.


There's also space for a few people to come into London on a weekday between the 29th October and 9th November to help us by taking part in some testing. It would involve a 60 minute discussion with a member of BHF staff about our ideas, and all expenses will be covered.

If you’d like to be involved please do drop an email to Rebecca White (whitere@bhf.org.uk) with your name, email address and available dates between the 29th October and 9th November.

Hope everyone has had a great week.

Thanks all! :)

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Can I share this post to the Pumping Marvellous Facebook page, insurance is a big topic on there. Also, my husband & myself may be interested in attending your London meeting but he's got 7 hospital & Dr appts in the next 2 months, would be helpful to know an exact date to see if it's possible. Thank you

Hi Lezzers - thanks for your reply! Yes please do share. Apologies but we haven't got an exact date at the moment as we're trying to see when the majority are available. If there are any dates from now until the 9th Nov that would work for you please do let me or Rebecca know - whitere@bhf.org.uk. We'll get back to everyone as soon as we can once we have a date finalised. Thank you to both of you :)

Thank you, I have already e mailed Rebecca

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For me the survey jammed twice half way though.


Sorry about that! Were you able to complete it?

I am afraid, there was a problem. Locked up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, unable to help

I’ll email Rebecca - you might want to use google docs / surveys which is free if the other one is blocking.


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The only problem I had was trying to answer questions on something that at present does not exist so unable to make any commitments.

Hi Helen

I have completed the survey now. My problem was that my view was only part of the survey screen. when I realised I corrected this.

Kind regards


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Thanks Charles!

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