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Perfusion normal



Further to previous messages I received confirmation today from my cardiac nurse that the perfusion was normal and my heart is working well which is great news given my past history. I'm now left wondering what else could be causing me to get breathless after a little activity and feeling so tired. I had a FBC and all was fine so no anemia. I see my cardiac nurse on 3rd June so will see what she thinks. I just wondered if anyone else has felt like this. Thanks 😀

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Was the perfusion a full MRI under stress ? I do know they can gather a lot of info like exact Ejection Fraction etc. So they will be able to confirm or discount quite a lot of different problems. You should maybe write down different questions for your appointment with Heart Nurse to see if they think further investigations are needed !!!

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Hi. Yes it was a full stress test and relaxed test. They were checking the stenting and it's all good. Last year I was told I have left ventricular systolic dysfunction. I get confused when one minute I'm told I have CAD and this and that and then I get told a perfusion is normal. So confusing. Will see what she says when I see her. Thanks. 😀

Hi good news , but I had perfusion which showed I had thickening of heart and blood wasn’t getting around properly , so they sent me for mri and it said I didn’t but still got all symptoms so left a bit bewildered x

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