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Heart rate maybe too low?


Hi all, names Adam from the West Midlands. I’m 35 and been trying to get fit and healthy. I’ve currently lost 13lb and now weighing at 15.4 stone.

Been eating clean & training 6 days a week.

My concern tho has my heart rate over the course of me losing the 13lb is my heart rate has gone from 60s to resting heart rate of 52.. few times dropping to around 47.

At night time it drops to 42.. is this ok?

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Hi Adam ! Although some people do function on these low heart rates I think it would be advisable to consult with your GP. Well done on the weight loss!

Llewellyn5 in reply to Hidden

Thank you, I went last week expressing its around the figures.. but she didn’t seem bothered by it as I don’t black out or anything .

I’ve worked within Healthcare for 19 years (hospitals) and not the biggest fan of GP’s.. sadly ones I’ve come up against just want you out the door as soon as you walk in. Rare to find a good GP :(

Hidden in reply to Llewellyn5

A pity you've had a bad experience with GP S...rather makes you lose confidence. I guess I'm lucky in having some good ones in my local practice.

You will have to go by how you feel.

Certainly be aware of feeling faint as I'm sure you know. My husband has had a resting rate in the 50 s for years ( and he could do with losing 2/3 stones...)

Llewellyn5 in reply to Hidden

Most frustrating part is daily going up and above daily working in a hospital, often doing “favours” for people BUT when you need help back, like a quick chests, nothing.. but like you said it is just frustrating. Proud of what I do at work and won’t let that fit me down.

Just want some clear answers on my situation haha 😂.

Really appreciate you taking the time to help me :)

Hidden in reply to Llewellyn5

You're welcome....good luck !

MichaelJHHeart Star

Hello and welcome to the forum! When I was really fit and did X-country running my heart rate was similar so probably quite OK.

You don't mention your height - this could influence the thought process!

Llewellyn5 in reply to MichaelJH

Hi Michael, Thanks for the reply. I’m 5ft 10.

While I still carry a some weight around my belly I’ve always been into sports from rugby to boxing but put the weight on after quitting so been trying to lose it.

MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to Llewellyn5

Thus is obviously a personal opinion. I suspect your pulse may come down a bit further as you lose weight and become fitter. If you are fit and muscular then your BMI may be over the ideal, say 27'ish without worry. As others have said if you are worried have a word with your GP.

Llewellyn5 in reply to MichaelJH

Thanks and ofc anything I read only take it as a personal opinion. I’m pretty lean every where apart from my belly but big built and strong as always been into sports. I leg press around 180kg so pretty strong.

Hi Adam - as the decrease in your heart rate appears to be linked to your weight loss and training it may just be that you are fitter. Have you any symptoms like palpitations, shortness of breath or pain? If you have any doubts go back to GP and say it's causing you to feel worried and you want to rule out heart problems. Hope the attached link is helpful. It's not good when you don't feel listened to or properly reassured. mayoclinic.org/diseases-con...

Llewellyn5 in reply to Nathan53

Hi Nathan, thanks for the reply.

Only symptom is that if I put my ear on a pillow I can feel my heart beating? Didn’t really know if that is normal or a palpation? And some times can feel it in my head, but that’s if on a pillow still laying down.

Thank you for the link. It is worrying as you don’t know if you SHOULD be worried or not ha.


My HR numbers are very similar. I have a reveal device implanted as I have experienced faints and get lightheaded frequently. Sadly my cardiologist won’t accept that it’s possible the symptoms are linked to my low HR and is continuing to look for a different diagnosis. I’ve never been overweight and the low HR has only been in the past year. I’m still convinced the HR is implicated in my faints but will see what the reveal device shows. Good luck with your weight loss.

I wouldn't worry as you don't feel ill. My resting heart rate is in the 50s in the morning and in the 40s at night (it naturally drops at night). Different people have different heart rates.

As a general rule of thumb, anything between 60 and 100 bpm is considered ‘normal’, but unless you are having any kind of symptoms such as dizziness, fainting or nausea etc. even a cardiologist won’t be concerned by a rate in the 50s - there are plenty of fit people for whom a rate in the 50s dropping into the 40s is perfectly normal for them, and with HR, that’s an important consideration. If you weren’t periodically checking your HR, would you be aware that anything had changed? If the answer to that is no, as your drop correlates to you losing weight and is only 10bpm less than your previously established normal, and as you’re not experiencing any symptoms, this wouldn’t be a concern to me personally. I was on daily medication for a very fast hr with episodes of SVT and after losing a huge amount of weight had to switch meds as it went from keeping my hr at a stable 90bpm to symptomatic bradycardia in the low 40s; the explanation I was given by the cardiologist was that the weight loss was responsible, because dropping weight can have a pronounced impact on baseline physiology, which is why it’s especially encouraged in everyone with a heart condition.

Llewellyn5 in reply to Charlie_G

Morning Charlie.

Think checking my Fitbit May have worked against me then. Just been to the gym, weights the. 10mins on the stepper then 10mins cross trainer. I play football Monday nights and while I do still carry too much weight around my belly, I’m one of the ones that keeps running where people slimmer than me are tired.

Think that’s the problem of checking Fitbit then googling ... is this normal haha.

Only symptom I get is if my ear is to the pillow I can feel my heart beat at night but read some people do.

Really appreciate your help

Charlie_G in reply to Llewellyn5

Ah, the good old fitbit! 😁 Not putting anyone off them generally as they do serve a purpose, but in terms of hr this makes for very interesting reading:


It’s the same with counting steps as well, all of these devices have now been proven to have their limitations and not just in the mainstream media. I very broadly use my phone to track my steps, but stopped taking it as gospel when I once climbed 4 flights of stairs on a 5 hour train journey 🤷‍♂️ 😂 It should also be noted that gym equipment with handheld hr sensors is also known to be somewhat dodge, particularly in those of us with known cardiac issues. Pretty sure at this point that the only fool-proof way to check your pulse involves two fingers and a clock!


When you say you can hear your heart beat through your pillow, is it Regular or Irregular does it Miss or Pause on occasions. If it does mention it to your GP, not that may be anything to worry on it's own. I can also hear my heart beat as soon as I lie down flat !!!


Llewellyn5 in reply to Prada47

Hi, it beats normally, just it’s noticeable as soon as I put head Down

I can always hear and hear my heart beat when I'm lying on my side. I wait a few minutes then tut to myself and lie on my back, it doesn't happen then.

My resting heart rate is always in the 40s. Between 42 and 46. I am fine. My doctors know. I have to get up from sitting slowly as I can get up too fast before enough blood is pimped to my head and this can cause dizzyness and fainting. I run, walk, golf, gym, cycle, canoe with no problems. Never been so healthy. But keep an eye out for dizzyness.

Best way to measure your heartrate is with a chest strap - polar heart rate monitor or similar. If you are trying to get rid of a belly knock back your sugar/biscuits /cake. If your heart beat is strong and regular good for you. I think Hussain Bolt (sprinter) had a heart rate in the 30's.

My daughter is a fitness instructor, her resting heart rate is more or less 52. My daughter is proud of her low heart rate, she tells me, shows she is fit.

I’d certainly see your GP, but you sound identical to me. I was a sedentary 110kg and very early on on my way to my now active 88kg, my resting heart rate went from high 60s to between 47 and 51. You obviously wear a tracking device :)

Well done on the weight loss and fitness.

Hi Adam,

I regularly had my heart rate down in the low to mid 40's when I was on bisoprolol 5mg, my cardiologist was happy with it considering all other factors were fine. I had to come off bisoprolol in September because of other health complications .. my hr is now 60s to 70s at rest. and I am due to go back onto bisoprolol 2.5 soon.

Hope this helps.

I have a resting heart rate better than Usain Bolts and I reckon I could do a 100m about 1min 20 seconds, but I am not healthy lol Low heart rate don't necessary = Healthy !!

I’m similar to Adam, I’ve lost nearly two stone and my hr has dropped to 49 at rest. I’m going to see my gp tomorrow as I called them today and they said they’d like to see me in person. I am however on bisoprolol (beta-blocker) and my hr used to be in the low 60s but is now in high 40s. I can reduce my meds but I’m assuming it’s because I’ve dropped some weight like you. Plus you are training 6 days a week so it is normal for your hr to become lower as your hearts a muscle that is becoming stronger through exercise

Hi, I’m just wondering how you are getting on?

I’m also wearing a Fitbit to measure heart rate and by no means am I fit. Yet my current resting heart rate is 55. I’m too scared to go to sleep

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