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What is your opinion on Max's Law?


I'm a student currently working on an Extended Qualification Project regarding the opt-out organ donation system, Max's Law, that will be passed in the UNITED KINGDOM in 2020. I am currently gathering information on what people's opinions are on the idea of the UNITED KINGDOM becoming an opt-out country for organ donations.

To provide some idea, Max's Law is a law named after a young boy named Max Johnson who was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy and underwent a 9 hour heart transplant operation. This law changes the standard of UNITED KINGDOM's organ donations, rather than having to apply to have a donor card, an individual who does not wish to have their organs donated must explicitly opt out of it. As of current, those who agree to have their organs donated must indicate their intentions on the NHS Organ Donation Register, either that or the next of known kin must make the decision if the individual's wishes are unknown. However, Max's Law follows the idea of presumed consent in which those who have died are allowing their organs to be donated to those who are on the organ donation list.

It has been noted that an individual's faiths and beliefs are taken note of to ensure that their ideals and traditions are respected, including the exemption from presumed consent if the individual has a limited mental capacity or has lived in England for less than a year prior to their death.

I wanted to know your thoughts and opinions on this Law, if you think the UNITED KINGDOM shifting to an opt-out system if beneficial and if you see any negative consequences to this?

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