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My dads oximeter reading...worried

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Chatted to my dad tonight and he’s not been feeling good. Is very cold, tired and breathless. He has COPD and moderate heart failure. I asked him to check his levels on his oximeter, oxygen was 88, heart rate 56 which I think is prob a bit low? He has had AF before When in hospital. Normally his rate is around 67.

I’m worried I should be calling him and ambulance.

8 Replies
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MichaelJHHeart Star

Call 111. If they have any concerns an emergency ambulance will arrive faster than if you call one yourself. Hope it is nothing serious.

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Call 111 for advice

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You have to be with the person for advice from 111 and I’m at home at the moment. I suspect my Dad will be on his way to bed now so I will call round in the morning that way I can contact 111 if need be. Thanks for replying

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Do u know what his normal O2 saturation is with his COPD.

85% is classified as critical hypoxia at 88%he is very close. If he gets worse or having severe troubles breathing. Dial 999/112 tell them patient having trouble breathing.

Its actually slower to call 111 first!!!

Dialling 111delays getting help!!

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His respiratory nurse is happy for his oxygen level to be at 88, he’s ideal is between 88-92. Thanks for replying

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BigT2013 in reply to

His he any better this morning? 🤔

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MichaelJHHeart Star in reply to BigT2013

Sadly there is a huge variation in response times around the UK. Hereabouts, 2 - 4 hours is not uncommon. Recently someone was told 2hrs+ but a policeman was in the area and after his intervention an ambulance was there in about 5 me minutes!

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Call 111 they will kno if help is needed

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