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Flecainide and AFIB concerns


Just seen cardio consultant after a trip to A&E with chest pains.

I had two bad colds one after the other and after lots of coughing and sneezing started to have AFIB attacks and chest pains.

A few weeks after colds cleared up I'm back to normal but had a follow up with consultant...he looked at my list of meds and said he didn't like using Flecainide long term (although it has definitely controlled my AFIB for the last 18 months) and he said my heart rate was too slow. Resting HR is 45 as it has been for the last six years after a heart attack and going on low dose Bisoprolol (1.25mg), previously HR was about 50, it's always been low as I'm very fit.

He wasn't specific but has ordered a heart monitor to be fitted for a few days and flow tests, heart profile etc.

I am not happy with starting a review of all my meds when (apart from during the recent period of poor health) I seem to be stable and have a good quality of life, unless there are some long-term problems.

My question is 'are there concerns with Flecainide long term and are there alternatives?'

Anyone else out there on Flecainide and had any problems?

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