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Heart Attack

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I suffered a Heart Attack whilst working in the Middle East in 2015, was immediately admitted to hospital and underwent a Quad By-pass. A month later I caught an infection & had a second 7hr operation which almost took my life for the second time. I returned to my full time employment after a 10 month recovery period. I was finding my job was very stressful so decided to relocate my family back to the UK during the summer. The whole relocation was immensely stressful however we are finally settled and acclimatizing to the British weather after living in the sun for the past 10yrs. I am happy to have found this site as I often worry about getting information on my condition & speaking to people who understand the anxieties I feel every morning when I wake up. My Dad died from a heart attack in his sleep & this worries me even though my surgeon told me that he has extended my life considerably. In the back of my mind I always worry whether I will wake in the morning...

3 Replies
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First of all, stop worrying, it never solved anything. Is your other half aware of your fear? They know you best and will want to help you. You could also see your doctor about getting some counselling.

My dad died of a HA in his sleep. It never occurred to me that I could do the same. It will happen if or when it happens, I don't think about it. What I do think about are my wife, daughters, grandchildren, football and beer. Those keep me busy. I also do whatever I can to avoid any more heart problems.

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matsuda in reply to jimmyq

Thanks jimmyq, I agree priorities are the most important thing, family, beer, sport & positive thoughts will get me through anything...Merry Christmas.

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I agree with Jimmy, stop worrying. That is something you can control and will make you feel better! Seek counselling to help you. I relocated back to the UK after 25 years abroad, Dubai, China, Canada and the US. I understand how stressful that is but isn’t it great to be back. I am super impressed with the NHS and currently waiting for Friday when I undergo a cardio oblation.

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