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Is there any protein shake sutible for a heart patience?


Hello i am 17 and i have hypo plastic left heart syndrome and i am wanting to start going to the gym and start gaining muscle as i am the correct build. But i dont know what protein shakes or energy shake i am allowedand i was just woundering if anyone has used them with similar conditions and wanted to know the results and where u get them from

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Taking supplements is just marketing hype and there is no written medical proof that these are eithere good for you.. or in fact work.. Having a good balanced diet enriched with protien based foods.. bananas for potassium a d good clean health green plant veg.. You should lift what you are capable of lifting.. concentrate on slow correct movement.. and do not load your weights thinking the more weights you do.. the bigver you will get.. Its quality of movement.. not quantity.... good luck and stay healthy and clean..

MichaelJHHeart Star

I would say no to protein supplements. They can sometimes overload the kidneys, kidney damage can lead to BP (blood pressure) and elevated BP to heart disease.

Concentrate instead on a healthy diet sourcing most of your protein from chicken and fish. Take your cabs in the form of complex carbohydrates such as whole-wheat pasta and bread, and brown rice. In fact a Mediterranean diet with extra (as in quantity) lean protein.

I saw research on protein shakes recently that said doctors found people who used these protein shakes actually pass all the protein from them out in their urine. Protein intake in our everyday diet is something we don't have a problem with apparently. I would say speak to a member of staff where you train about doing the right sort of training to achieve the result you want, good luck.

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