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Ventricular ectopics


I’m new here! Hello everyone!

I have had a rather difficult year and have been away from work since the end of Jan. To cut a long story short (and after every test under the sun and a couple of visits to A and E) - I have been referred for an ablation as my ectopics are running at around 30% all of the time. The waiting list is around 6 months. I mostly feel tired but also feel that I am getting used to the medication and much more able to function normally (compared to how I was April/May). I have so far been lucky in that I have had no major health issues (I am 63) - just feeling a bit sad by all this and not sure how to while away for months till the op or what to expect post op - tips anyone? Thank you xx

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Hi Missymel

I was diagnosed with heart failure this time last year and have also been off work since January (I’m also 63). The cause was identified as a high ectopic burden - 50% of my heartbeats were ectopic. Fortunately I was able to go Private and reduce the waiting time; I had an ablation four months ago. My heart function has improved considerably although I am still on the medications to lower my heart rate and blood pressure at the moment. I am hoping I can come off these in the New Year as they are slowing me down still. I am presently trying to organise starting back at work before Christmas.

Two very helpful fact sheets are available regarding preparing for and recovering from an ablation:

I hope this his helps.

Best wishes.

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