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Fibromyalgia and statins


Via CT scan I have recently been diagnosed with dense calcification to LAD, but because I reacted badly to the dye used in the scan the images were not good enough to assess properly. I am awaiting a myocardial perfusion and in the meantime have been put on aspirin and bisoprolol and a statin. I suffer from fibromyalgia and am concerned about the muscular pain issues with a statin. Are there any fibro sufferers who have experience of taking statins? At the moment I am not taking the statin - my cholesterol has never been high so am trying to control with diet.

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What dietary changes are you attempting to take control, and what outcomes do you hope to achieve?

Thanks to all who replied. I am already vegetarian, and eat a good amount of lentils, chick peas, beans, and of course lots of fruit and veg etc but my cheese consumption needed attention, so I have cut right back on that, and have switched to half fat cheese. I already use only skimmed milk. I have cut out all alcohol as I used to have wine with main meal. I use honey (little) on cooked fruit, not white sugar. As my cholesterol has never been high, I am hoping that I don't need to take the statin, but was unaware of the stabilising of the plaque which MichaelJH mentioned below, so will think some more when I have had the myocardial perfusion test where they can see the extent of the calcification hopefully. The prescribed statin is Atorvastatin. I am getting mild stomach pain which I imagine is the aspirin, plus bruising issues. Cardiology team will assess whether stenting or bypass is required after seeing perfusion test. Exhaustion is my biggest problem at the moment but whether this is the fibromyalgia or the heart or the meds, I cannot tell.

Good luck. You may not like my view. Removing natural fat for example raises insulin stimulation

MichaelJHHeart Star

If one statin causes issues there are others. I had an issue with Simvastatin but am fine with Atorvastatin. Unfortunately statins have got a bad reputation and I feel a lot of people expect side effects so get them. Besides reducing cholesterol they also stabilise the plaque reducing the chances a piece breaking away with possibly serious consequences. Please try them with an open mind!

I have fibromyalgia (along with lupus). Statins haven't made any difference to the aches and pains. Atorvastatin put my liver function tests up, but simvastatin is ok.

My fibro has improved from losing weight and eating more fruit and veg, less processed food, less meat etc.

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