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What can I do



My husband had never been really I'll until, we had to down size due to the bedroom tax, so just a few months after we moved he had to have open heart surgery.

It really knocked him (us) for six, but that was over four years ago now and he is still very weak and thin.

We both have health problems but I cannot get him to go to the doctors.

He has never forgiven the fact, when he watched his mum had a heart attack and rapidly went down hill then pass away, so he has no faith in doctors, which leaves me in a state of forever worrying about him.

Has anyone else ever been in the same situation, or has anybody got any idea as to what I can do?

With my thanks,


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I understand your predicament, have little faith in the NHS too. Perhaps you should talk to friends and see if you can find a better Doctor's practice? You are entitled to an alternative GP and one with a more understanding compassionate attitude might win over your husband; I am sure he does not wish to die early and leave you alone.

You also have a right of choice and could choose a different hospital. I have a heart op complication and I am contemplating an alternative surgeon.Book an advice session with your MP they can be helpful, mine is. By the way I was very tired after surgery and anaemic; perhaps seeing a haematologist would get advice to improve the condition of your blood, it helped me.Good luck

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