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My journey so far.

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I have Heart failure LV cardiomyopathy. I take 12.5 mg carvedilol and came of lisinopril because of diahoria. Now on ramipril have reduced to 2.5mg once a day instead of twice a day because of low Bp. Hopefully I will feel better soon. Back to see cardiologist next week after 3 maths on meds. I know the meds are to help me lead a normal life as possible but I feel worse since taking them. I am waiting to see specialist for my liver which as lesions on it this was found when I had mri for my heart. I am hoping for some positive news next week fingers crossed for me.

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I know what you mean I hate taking tablets I've gone from someone who rarely took a paracetamol to taking 7 different tablets a day I hate it the thought of taking them forever does my head in even though I know they are helping me

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I know I have been lucky for my heart failure to be found some are not so lucky. I try not to get down but sometimes its hard. Will be glad when I have my appt. for the specialist then I can start to except things more and concentrate on the future.

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Jasppip in reply to Sueithy

That's how you have to think because we are all really lucky to still be around unfortunately couple of my friends never lived to tell the tale

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